Sia went wigless in this revealing Insta pic

Though she’s known for having an air of ~mystery~ thanks to her omnipresent wig, we know that Sia doesn’t always like to be in hiding. Case in point: This super-casual Instagram photo shows her without her wig, chillin’ in a silk robe and face mask with fuzzy pink slippers on.

As you do.

Sia’s makeup artist, Tonya Brewer, posted the shot of Sia sans-wig to her Instagram page, revealing that Sia had no idea she was being so, er, revealing. The singer is throwin’ up a peace sign while flashing the camera, which Brewer artfully covered up with a banana emoji, as you do.

Check out the hilarious photo of Sia, who seems totally unbothered about the situation.

Yep — she’s basically us on every lazy Sunday afternoon…except for the fact that she’s on the set of her directorial debut. Stars, they’re just like us, right? Kind of?

Brewer took the photo on the set of Sia’s forthcoming movie, Sister, which will feature longtime pal and collaborator Maddie Ziegler (and Kate Hudson). We don’t know too much about the project just yet, but if the filming has already wrapped, we might be seeing it on the big screen sooner than we thought.

We can’t wait to see what Sia is cooking up for her first film. And we’d love to see more adorable behind-the-scenes shots like this one. Also, we just have one more question: Where can we get those pink slippers? We need a pair immediately.

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