Sia’s performance with Maddie Ziegler on ‘Ellen’ gave us all the chills

I’ll be honest. I recently saw a video of Sia performing, and was a little nervous that our days of Maddie Ziegler as Sia’s main dancer were over. Do not get me wrong, whoever Sia had perform with her on SNL a few weeks ago was absolutely amazing. But every time Maddie hits the stage with Sia, something happens to me. And obviously, something happens to the rest of America because we are obsessed with these two and their powerful magic.

But do not worry, because it looks like Sia really gets what an amazing performer Maddie is, and she brought her back to perform with her on Ellen!

It’s been nearly two years since Maddie and Sia first paired up to create their breathtaking dance and music combo. Maddie was only eleven when she first appeared in Sia’s videos! And now, thirteen years old, it’s so cool to see how Maddie has grown as a performer. Sia has also changed the way she dresses herself and Maddie, opting instead for black and white wigs, split down the middle, whereas before the wigs that they wore were completely blonde. The tone of the performances are just as captivating as before, and also just as emotionally dark.

What’s amazing about these performances on Ellen is the way that Sia always cloaks herself in some way, (this time hiding behind a giant hanging black dress) and yet she still is able to create so much catharsis and evoke a lot of meaning.

And honestly, as much as I’m obsessed with Maddie and her performances with Sia, I would be more than happy to watch just Sia sing behind a curtain.

Check out the clip below:

(Image via YouTube)