Sia is trying her hardest to help the Kardashian-West family go fur-free

While Sia tries her hardest to remain a mystery, we still have a pretty good idea of who she is. She’s a singer and a visionary, who believes in animal rights. That’s why it’s interesting to see Sia reaching out to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West about their fashion lines, asking them kindly if they’d consider going fur-free in the future.

Of course, Sia approached the topic in a very sweet way. Plus, she let one very influential video do most of the talking. Sia contacted them through Twitter and linked a video called “Under the Fur Coats: Rabbits’ Screams of Death” which examined how animals are treated when being harvested for fashion.

Sia’s tweet to Kim Kardashian was sent last June:

…and her plea to Kanye was just sent yesterday, after his Yeezy Season 5 show.

The video itself, which is a little over 16 minutes, is definitely a disturbing watch. While it’s good information to know, it showcases the brutal truth behind an upsetting topic. The video was uploaded by an account called “Stop Animal Cruelty,” which has the purpose of sharing documentaries and important footage on why we need to focus on animal rights.

As expected, Sia fans and animal lovers alike applauded her on her mission to spread the word.

There’s a possibility that West is already aware of the issue, as Vogue is reporting that his brand used faux fur during the show. However, as of right now, nobody has confirmed or denied this. West also has yet to get back to Sia regarding the request. The two are definitely familiar with each other, as they collaborated on, and later performed, the song “Wolves” together on Saturday Night Live. false

We’re just happy that Sia found a good way to approach others on an issue she’s extremely passionate about.

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