Sia’s Christmas album is here, and you can listen to it now

Ok, so maybe 2017 isn’t as bad as we thought. There must be some good in the world, because Australian singer and songwriter Sia just released a Christmas album. And as if stopping blackmailers in their tracks by leaking her own nude pictures wasn’t bad ass enough, creating a soon-to-be Christmas classic is cementing her position as a legend. The album, Everyday Is Christmas, features ten joyous tracks, and it’ll make any holiday enthusiast burst at the seams.

These days, getting in the holiday spirit can be tough. Especially when it seems like a new, high-profile sexual misconduct allegation hits the airwaves daily. And between all of the political turmoil facing the country, it’s going to take a lot more than photoshopping Trump’s water bottle or Twitter jokes about “covfefe” to raise our moods. Lucky for us, that’s where this album comes in.

A lot of people will admit that the holiday season feels like the most magical time of the year. But shouldn’t we approach each and everyday of the year as such? Literally, everyday should feel like Christmas. And now, thanks to Sia, we have a catchy and upbeat reminder to live each day to the fullest. Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that we now have the perfect soundtrack to close out a tough and trying year, too.

And of course, fans on Twitter are stoked about Christmas music from Sia.


You read that correctly, BTW. Sia dedicated an entire song, “Puppies Are Forever,” to talk about how sweet Christmas pups are. And yes, it is bound to melt even the coldest of hearts.

Listen here:

Bottom line? Sia’s the best, and we clearly don’t deserve her.

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