We can’t stop listening to this gorgeous a capella cover of Sia’s “Chandelier”

With Pitch Perfect and Glee fever very much alive and well, there has been no shortage of incredibly talented, real-life a capella groups getting some well-deserved attention at last. (Pentatonix and the Beelzebubs come to mind.) But in case you aren’t completely sold on the idea of making music without using instruments, we think this incredible video just might help to sway your opinion.

Earlier this month, Elon University’s Twisted Measure released a gorgeous, bare bones cover of Sia’s “Chandelier.” The arrangement is absolutely wonderful — and we can’t stop listening to it. While the original is a catchy tune you’ve probably hollered along to in the car, their version is haunting and soulful, and highlights just how very sad the song’s lyrics are. It’s definitely not something you can have a solo dance party to, but it’s still very enjoyable.

The cover was arranged by one of the group’s members, Kyle Whitaker, and features soloist Abby Franklin. “Chandelier” is already an incredibly beautiful song to begin with (that is seemingly impossible to sing), but Twisted Measure brings a sound to it that’s entirely their own. While it’s hard to top the original, there’s no denying that this group boasts some major musical talent. The co-ed group was first started in 1999, and according to Buzzfeed“has a tradition of singing barefoot” — which is why some of the singers opted to go shoeless for the video.

The group’s harmonies are ethereal and gorgeous, and the cover is well worth a listen. You can even download it on iTunes and Spotify, along with a bunch more of their music.

(Image via, YouTube.)