Maddie Ziegler and Sia continue their epic music video collab with “Big Girls Cry”

Sia just released the video for her gorgeous song “Big Girls Cry” and you know what’s especially amazing about the video? 12-year-old dancer Maddie Ziegler is in it . . . again. This officially marks the third truly bananas-epic music video collaboration between Sia and her mini me. We’re so happy to say that their latest vid is just as beautiful, and just as thought-provoking as all the rest.

In this video we get a serious close-up of Maddie’s face as she contorts it and moves it in a range of different ways — dare we say, it’s another Sia illustration of the conflict between the internal and the external. The video focuses in on Maddie’s expressions as she transforms them again and again with her muscles and hands. The background is all-black, Maddie wears her signature nude leotard and Sia wig — it’s a look we’ve come to know. The contrasts are stark, the choreography animalistic and borderline disturbing, and the execution pretty straight up brilliant.

Here’s the video.

Again, this is not nearly the first collaboration between the two.

Sia came under fire after releasing her last video, for “Elastic Heart,” which showed Shia LaBeouf fighting in a cage with Maddie — which many people thought was just too much. It’s worth noting though that the same themes of struggle were present in that video as well.

The first video the two worked on together was for “Chandelier” — many called that one of the very best, if not THE best, music videos of 2014.

We are so glad this brilliant artistic collaboration continues. Their new installment is just as thought-provoking and profound as all the rest.

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