How do you shut down sexist dress codes? With a perfect yearbook quote.

It’s safe to say, 2015 is going to go down in the history books as “The Year of the Amazing Yearbook Quote.” Seriously, we have really racked up the great one-liners this season. From Rafika Alami’s bold and hilarious statement about her hijab, to Caitlyn Cannon’s equally bold and LOL-worthy stance on the gender pay gap, girls have been really bringing their quote game to their senior yearbooks.

And now Chloe Cross of San Mateo High School has added her awesomeness to the mix with a badass quote about her high school dress code. Note that 2015 will also go down in history books as “The Year That Girls Got Fed Up With Their Schools’ Sexist Dress Codes and Decided to Take Action Against These Shenanigans.”

As MTV reports, Cross brought all the funny to her yearbook quote, and then posted a snapshot of her page on her Instagram and Tumblr.

Yes, we are laughing out loud too. Cross is one of the many young women this year who was told her outfit (re: her body) was “distracting,” and in fact, the high school senior has experienced firsthand what it’s like to have her education directly affected by a sexist dress code. She posted the following on Facebook this past October.

Though the yearbook quote she wrote was absolutely meant to be funny, Cross insisted in an interview with Yahoo Canada that her yearbook quote was not “a joke.”

“My quote was not a joke; although it was worded in a sarcastic and humorous way, I was truly trying to get a message across about sexism in my school (and others) and how genuinely stupid I find the defense of the dress code to be. I wanted to leave behind something meaningful and important to me as my senior quote, so that people would remember me as the girl who gave the administration hell until the last possible moment. Why shouldn’t I have said something that makes people think about why they blame girls for distracting boys instead of boys for lacking the self control to remain on task?”

Chloe Cross, you are an inspiration.

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