“Black Panther’s” Shuri is maybe the best Disney Princess ever, and Twitter agrees

Like the rest of the world, I just saw Black Panther last night, and I’m already obsessed. Marvel delivered a gorgeous film overall, but there was one specific part that totally blew me away. It wasn’t the world-building showcased in Wakanda (although that was breathtaking). It wasn’t the magnetism of T’Challa (but Chadwick Boseman definitely is Marvel’s most compelling leading man). It wasn’t the music (but I cannot stop jamming to Kendrick Lamar and SZA’s “All the Stars” because that is a straight banger).

No, the absolute breakout from Black Panther was T’Challa’s sister Shuri (played by Letitia Wright). The fiery, sarcastic, intelligent, and fully fierce technology expert in Wakanda is my new role model. She didn’t take anything from anyone. Even during a traditional ceremony, she managed to crack a sarcastic joke and didn’t feel anything but joy at making everyone bristle and laugh as she flouted authority. She is so incredibly smart, as the engineer spearheading all of Wakanda’s scientific developments — and since they are the most scientifically advanced nation in the world thanks to all that Vibranium, that is definitely *saying something.* Shuri stole every scene she was in. And her technology stole every scene she wasn’t in.

But the best part is, when it comes time to fight, she’s more than ready to jump into the chaos. She practically begs her brother T’Challa to let her provide him backup on his missions because she knows he needs her. In the big climax of the movie (no spoilers, I promise!), she does something that had my entire theater erupt in cheers of “Hell yes.”

And apparently it wasn’t just my movie theater that fell in love with Shuri. Since Marvel is owned by Disney and Shuri is the younger sister to the King of Wakanda, that technically makes her a Disney Princess. And Twitter doesn’t care about that “technically.” They are all here for the official new Disney Princess Shuri of Wakanda. You can keep all your other damsel in distress Disney Princesses, because based on popular opinion, Shuri is definitely the best. false





Now who can tell us where to buy the dope white dress and kicks she rocks for half the movie?

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