Apple has finally #blessed us with shrug and facepalm emojis

A new set of emojis is headed to our iPhones. That means, thank goodness, we’ll finally have the emojis necessary to express what an emotional rollercoaster 2016 has been.

We predict several new emojis will quickly skyrocket to the top of everyone’s “frequently used” keyboard.

The much longed-for “facepalm” emoji better expresses what the “eyeroll” emoji could not: The moments when all you can muster is “I can’t even.”  

Then there’s the “shrug” emoji, which is sure to be a more user-friendly version of the ever-popular ¯_(ツ)_/¯.

Beyond the soon-to-be-iconic “facepalm” and “shrug,” the new keyboard features a variety of new professions including chef, teacher, judge, and astronaut. New food additions include avocado, bacon, pancakes, and salad – for when you’re feeling healthy.

And that’s not all: 72 new emojis are headed our way with Apple’s iOS 10.2 update. Apple hasn’t announced the official drop date for iOS 10.2, but released a beta version of the update Tuesday morning.

All we know is it’s ABOUT TIME.