5 Shows I Wish Were On TV

If you got offered to create a brand-new TV show for a major network, what type of show would you create? Would it be a crazy drama like PLL? Or a hit comedy like The Office? Who would you cast in your show? Just thinking about your dream show and characters is pretty fun. If these shows that I’ve thought of were on TV, my dreams would come true!

“Dance Drama”

I’ve always been captivated by dancers and was a huge fan of ABC Family’s Bunheads, which aired for sadly only two seasons back in 2012 (the good news is that both seasons are available to watch on Netflix.) It was centered around a Las Vegas showgirl Michelle, who elopes with Hubble on one night, and forever changes her life when she becomes a ballet teacher at Hubble’s mother’s studio. If I were to create my own dance-themed TV show, I would center it around the personal lives of the dancers in a prestigious ballet company, all fighting to get the top spot. It would be packed with lots of drama and a lot of dance footage!

“Modern Nancy Drew”

Mystery and crime shows are just so much fun to watch! Following a complicated plot that only people who have watched every season can explain, putting together parts of the puzzle, and screaming at the TV when you find out your favorite character is the bad guy. I think TV’s next big mystery show could be a modernized version of the classic Nancy Drew books. Picture Nanon (a more updated version of the name Nancy) fighting crime and solving mysteries on the streets of Beverly Hills with her besties, Georgia and Babette. Action-packed plot twists and a strong female lead are two ingredients for an awesome show!

“About A Girl”

You’ve probably seen the either the movie or TV series About a Boy at least once. If you haven’t seen it, it’s about a bullied boy named Marcus, who’s mom suffers from depression. He befriends a young man named Will, who is bored and doesn’t know what he wants in life. Together the two create a happy ending for themselves. I personally think that the series could be great with the two leads replaced by girls. It could be about a teen who’s growing up without a mom and a woman in her older twenties who just loves to party. They would learn things from each other and go on adventures in New York City. They would learn It would be a heart warming dramedy for teen families.

“The Peanuts, High School Version”

Imagine the iconic Peanuts cartoon characters as teenage people! It could be set at a suburban high school and it would focus on the new students, Charles and Sally Brown, and their beagle, Snoopy. The siblings would learn to navigate their new life while meeting the other Peanuts, like class president Lucy, indie boy Linus, and band member Schroeder. The show would turn your favorite cartoon to an awesome high-school dramedy about friendship.

“Girl Power!”

I love watching a superhero action TV show, especially one with a girl superhero with awesome powers! I think a super fun show to watch would be one where an average Los Angeles girl suddenly becomes the worlds next super woman and has to fight the most dangerous villains! She’s pretty clumsy so she has to learn how to use her powers wisely, plus, with a crazy work schedule, plus her hunt for the perfect boyfriend, she gets stressed out living a double life! But she’ll work through it, gaining confidence and skills, saving herself while saving the world!

If these shows were on TV, I would totally watch them all! What do you guys think? Email your thoughts and suggestions to me!