You’ll never guess which shows get binge-watched the fastest on Netflix

It all happens so fast. You find a new show you’re interested in watching on Netflix. You click play. And the next thing you know you’re three seasons deep, and you haven’t showered in a week. We’ve all binge-watched a show or 12 on Netflix. It’s just impossible not to. But knowing that we’re all in this together makes it all okay.

Netflix released a new report called The Binge Scale, which ranks its shows by how quickly people watch them — proving that we’re all definitely in this together. Between October 2015 and May 2016, Netflix analyzed global viewing of 100 serialized TV shows (so not just Netflix series, which their info graphic may suggest) in more than 190 countries and found that the genre has a lot to do with how fast people watch an entire season.

According to the report, some shows on Netflix get “savored,” where people space out their episodes, watching less than two hours a day. And other shows get “devoured,” where people watch more than two hours a day, because even if they want to, they just can’t stop. On average, it took six days to finish watching a savored show, while it only took four days to finish a devoured show.


Thriller, horror, sci-fi, dramatic comedy and action-adventure shows like Orange is the New Black, Breaking Bad and Walking Dead are more likely to be devoured, because you’re on the edge of your seat (or bed) while watching, and they leave you wanting more immediately. Series with more complex narratives like Bloodline, House of Cards and Mad Men are more likely to be savored, because most people don’t want to be flooded with all the emotions at once.

Surprisingly, the length of a show has no impact on how long it takes people to breeze through them. Shorter comedies like Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt are more likely to be finished slower than longer dramas like The Killing. The most savored show of all? BoJack Horseman.

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