In the dead of an August night, one young woman experienced the personal mental quarrel that had reigned supreme over anything else she had ever experienced…in the past day or prior to that night.

She had a choice to make before going out with friends of hers. With only an hour of time before she has to leave to make her reservation promptly: Take a shower so she’d feel so clean and so fresh (fresh) after a long day of work, or take a nap so that she’d be awake for witty conversation and banter?

That young woman was me.

Was I sailing uncharted waters of thought? No. For the puzzle presented before her…or me at this point… is one that has disgruntled many who have preceded. The ancient battle between two simple, yet effective leisures… entertained and intertwined by humans and…basically just other humans alike is this:

Showers vs. Naps: Which is better than the other?

Epic as the tale may not be, this is a pretty legit feud I’d like to put to rest. Without further ado…

FIGHT! (said in the Super Smash Bros. N64 announcer voice)

NAPS: You can take one anywhere, even in the desert. But you’d have to watch out for buzzards and hawks who want to eat you.

You can take them in cat form. Also known as a “catnap”. This is when you curl up like a cat and wake up quickly to scratch anyone who comes near you.

You can take them in the form of “power” as well. This is when you get just enough rest to push through the rest of your day.

Or in some instances, you develop a super power, with which you can choose to be a hero or villain. It’s a rare occurrence (but not unheard of).

WEAKNESSES: You don’t know what’s going on while you’re sleep. Babyface lied in that song about thinking about that girl on two occasions. You’re asleep at night. Liar. Sorry lady, he’s only thinking about you for 12 hours, at the most.


SHOWERS: Showers are great for cleansing. You can feel as dirty as a prostitute on a Sunday morning, but a good shower can clean that all away. For the most part.

Showers are cool because you’re awake and able to check for people possibly interrupting your relaxation time. And punch them.


You can’t shower without appropriate plumbing. So if you ever wind up in the desert, you’re screwed. And you smell bad. So, go stand alone please. By that cactus… over there.

Six out of ten household accidents happen in the bathroom. Four out of those six happen in showers. Basically, Showers are more dangerous than bungee jumping at six flags while holding a pair of scissors that you stole from Manny Pacquiao. Food for Thought.


Naps are more convenient, less dangerous and better for crisis desert situations (You never know when you’ll be in one. It could happen). Not only that, but Naps provide us with get-up-and-go energy to tackle our sometimes hectic days.

However, enjoy your showers. They’re a grand luxury to us all and why not be squeaky clean? Showers are awesome, but defeated in this battle because it’s the simple things in life that count. Take your naps. Whenever. The world will be here when you awaken ?

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