This showerhead changes color for an amazing reason


If you’re anything like me, you love long, relaxing showers after a rough day. Unfortunately, while this might feel relaxing for us in the moment, it isn’t doing the environment any favors. In fact, water waste is a huge issue and the time we spend lounging in the shower and bath is a pretty significant culprit when it comes to our daily waste. In an effort to taper down on our water waste, Hydrao is releasing a “smart” shower head that changes color to alert you to your water usage.

Of course, the actual water is the same as always, but the shower head is fitted with an LED light that is powered by the water flow from the shower. This mean there are no batteries involved! This is also how the shower can recognize your water usage.

When you first get into the shower, the color will be green.  Once you use ten liters of water, the color changes to blue. Once you hit 30 liters of water, you’ll get an orange color. And when you’ve used a whopping 50 liters of water, the shower head starts flashing red.


Another cool perk is that users can connect their Hydrao to their smartphones via Bluetooth. This allows you to create an individual profile where you can track your personal water usage and set targets for your water conversation efforts. While it’s easy to put being environmentally friendly on the back-burner, it’s so important to find ways to help protect and save the world around us on a regular basis. Even if you don’t see a big impact in the moment, all the little steps we can take to save our environment really do add up!

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