5 steamy shower sex positions to add to your sexual repertoire

There’s a lot to love about shower sex.

Not only is it a fun novelty, but having sex while showering may allow some people to feel less hung up on hygiene, especially when it comes to oral and anal play. Plus, the shower is the perfect spot for morning sex or a multi-tasking quickie.

Before you make a beeline for the bathroom, however, it might be a good idea to have a game plan for your water-related fun. There are only handful of shower sex positions that work well inside a cramped, slippery space. Losing your balance and falling over is a definite mood-killer. And remember, be safe. Shower sex is fun, but it’s not worth risking injury over!

1“The Soggy Doggy”

Doggy style is many people’s go-to sex position for shower sex. Although most variations will work, standing up allows for deep penetration while also being much easier on the knees than kneeling.

To pull this off, one partner will need to bend over, ideally with their hands gripping a shower bar or pressed against the wall for balance, while the other partner enters from behind, gripping the receiving partner’s hips for support. You can decide how wet you want to get by choosing to face towards or against the shower spray. Either way, the giving partner is going to have a great view.

2“The Waterfall”

If you don’t already know, oral sex is awesome in the shower. The water keeps everything slick, and cleanup is a breeze. Porcelain isn’t very comfy to kneel on, however, so consider having a folded up towel on hand before trying this position.

3“The Fire Hydrant”

If you want to be face-to-face with your partner during your shower sex sesh, then give this position a go. To start with, the receiving partner should have their back against the shower wall with one of their legs either wrapped around the giving partner or perched atop a shower bench or bath ledge.

As a bonus, this position gives you the perfect opportunity to reenact the rainfall makeout scene from The Notebook, natch.

4“The Saturated Rim”

Rim jobs are not as messy as one might think, but it doesn’t hurt to already be squeaky clean when asking your partner to tongue your tush. With one person sitting on the floor, the other partner can position their butt over the giving partner by standing or assuming a crouched pose. Voilà!

5“The Rub A Duckie”

If eye contact is the only position you want to hold with your partner while in the shower, then mutual masturbation might be the way to go. You and your partner can even bring in some waterproof toys to make your shower playtime extra sexy.

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