~Shower plants~ are a thing and they are taking over Pinterest

We’ve never really thought about it before, but plants are really well suited to live in your bathroom. In addition to providing some #aesthetic for a room we often forget to really decorate, plants help clean the air and eliminate bacteria, making bathrooms a legitimately perfect place for them. Also, if you make your regular old house plant a ~*shower plant*~, you won’t only just be super on trend — you will at all times be multitasking, because the water from your shower will provide for the plant. Talk about low maintenance. (Would that we could say the same about our morning routine.)

People pinning and re-pinning shower plants has been an increasingly popular trend for 2017 on Pinterest, and while at first we were like “wah?” now we’re reeeeeally into this idea.

According to Pinterest’s data pull, this trend has increased by 302% this year.

We love the whimsical, breezy look, and we love the idea of not really being able to forget to water our plants.

It looks like something you would see in a very expensive Airbnb, and that is 100% a lewk we’re going for.

Who *doesn’t* want to feel like they’re showering in a rainforest, without the fear of, like, deadly bugs and snakes and other creepy crawlies? It’s the best of both worlds.

Plus, done well, it looks classy AF with very little effort, which is a home decor vibe we are so totally here for.

We’re definitely going to go home and figure out what plants would best accent our decor and make us feel like the beautiful woodland nymphs we really are, deep down.

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