Shower jellies taking Instagram by storm, and we can’t stop staring at them

Okay, so remember the whole bath bomb phenomenon? Well that’s the past, honey. Now it’s all about SHOWER JELLIES.

They’re these gelatinous, wobbly, goopy soaps that are taking over Instagram and quite honestly, they are precisely what my shower has been missing.

I mean, for crying out loud, I have to be a semi serious adult for about ten hours a day. When do I get some me time? Some time to PLAY!

Some time to pretend a tiny blob monster is trying to attack me and my only way to live is to squeeze the tiny blob monster until it expels it’s soapy guts. MUAHAHAHA!

Some time to pretend I’m the professor and the jelly is, of course, my Flubber.


You can get a shower jelly from Lush, which uses a seaweed gel base, fruit extracts, and plenty of essential oils in their jellies. Or you can find them on Etsy where people are creating them with different scents, infusions, and customizations.

If you can’t tell by now I’m on board with shower jellies and any other slightly nostalgic cleansing inventions that pop up on my Instagram. But now, more than ever, the question remains…