Why ‘Shower’ By Becky G. is Truly the Song Of the Summer

With July in full swing, the Internet says it’s time to declare a “Song of the Summer.” Unlike last summer, which was all about Robin Thicke (and, secondarily, Daft Punk, sure), there are a number of contenders this year. However, most of the articles I’ve come across all include the same round of suggestions: “Fancy” by Iggy Azalea, “Summer” by Calvin Harris (come on, too easy!), “Problem” by Ariana Grande and Iggy Azalea, Charli XCX’s “Boom Clap,” and some tunes by Pharrell Williams. Noticeably missing from the list is newcomer Becky G.’s wildly catchy “Shower,” which prompted me to download her Pandora station and introduced me to all her other masterpieces.

The Inglewood, California native brings a lot of personality to this very cheerful song, which takes listeners back to a time when they loved so hard and fearlessly that they sang in the shower just thinking about their romantic interests. Beyond the fact that singing in the shower is SHEER BLISS, here are all the other reasons why “Shower” deserves to take the coveted song title of the season.

There’s mention of the Fourth of July

What would a Song of the Summer be without a little patriotism, or at least an homage to fireworks coupled with an awesome bandanna?

Showers in the summer are the best

I don’t know about you, but today, I took two showers, both of which were ice-cold. ‘Tis the season for showering, so Becky G.’s song is definitely timely.

There’s a pool party in the music video

Summertime = pool parties! And what do you have to do after using the pool? Shower, duh! Gotta get that chlorine out.

She’s wearing some pretty awesome sunglasses and jumping on the bed

She has a fun bandanna and pair of sunglasses on, and we all know summer is the time to be colorful and playful. Even the dog is wearing sunglasses in the video!

She’s only 17

Summer was my entire life until I entered the real world and started working year-round. Summer marked the best three months of my life as a teen, and because Becky G. is 17 herself, the feeling is still very much alive for her. At 17, summer is all about visiting with friends, having fun in the sun and maybe starting a new romance. We see all of that in the “Shower” music video.

It’s very similar to “Call Me Maybe”

As noted by Matt Stopera over at BuzzFeed, “Shower” is reminiscent of the 2012 Summer Anthem “Call Me Maybe”: There’s sun, there’s hope, there’s laughing, there’s playing, and you kind of dislike yourself for enjoying both songs so much.

It’s so positive

As much as I like “Problem” by Ariana Grande, the negative message behind the song can get to me after a long day. “Shower” is pure unfiltered happiness. To combat the summertime blues, or any kind of blues, this is your tune.

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