“Pre-shampooing” your hair might be the secret to perfect hair

Let’s get real: Hair can be super annoying. I mean, have you taken a look at a haircare aisle lately?! So many of us worry about washing, conditioning, brushing, drying, styling, protecting, and so much more when it comes to hair! And now, it turns out that “pre-shampooing” is another thing we maybe have to add to our hair regimen.


According to Seventeen, haircare brand Living Proof  (Jennifer Aniston’s beauty line) just released something called a Timeless Pre-Shampoo Treatment, which contains color seal technology along with UV and thermal protectants. Essentially, it’s a cream that gets applied to your dry hair, from your roots to your ends, before you step in the shower. After leaving it on for five minutes, you can then shower away!

Plus, if you color your hair, pre-shampooing can work wonders!“The majority of your color is lost by simply rinsing your hair with water in the shower. Even if you use a mild shampoo, you still lose more from the water rinse itself,” Living Proof spokesperson Eric Spengler told Seventeen“Damaged hair is more porous, and more porous hair loses color from rinsing more easily.”


Still wondering why you should pre-shampoo? Well, think of it this way: Before you use heat tools on your hair, you tend to use a heat protectant, right? Pre-shampoo does the same thing, except it prevents your hair color from washing out and, according to Living Proof’s website, it’s also the “first defense against age-related changes.”

Seventeen writer Lauren Valenti mentions that she’s already given this product a go and, thus far, she loves it! “Because I bleach my hair blonde, do all sorts of crazy things to it, and want it to look good forever, I introduced the pre-shampoo step to my regimen on principle alone,” Valenti writes. “Then, after one of my few-and-far-between washes, I noticed that my months-old color was less brassy than it should be. I’m sold.”

Now, we must contemplate: To pre-shampoo or not to pre-shampoo? That is the question.

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