This short film recreates the Apollo moon landing in the most genius way

Since routine space travel for civilians has yet to become an actual thing, graphic designer Christian Stangl combined his skill with some of the info experts have gathered while exploring the cosmos to produce a stunning short film that recreates the moon landing. Using thousands of still shots from NASA’s Apollo moon landing photo archives, Stangl’s visual artistry offers a glimpse of what Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins saw out of their spacecraft window just before the team of U.S. astronauts made contact with the lunar surface in 1969.

Titled Lunar, the short film took Stangl two years to complete.

The process to convert still pics into animated footage was tedious: It began with Stangl assembling thousands of photos of the Apollo moon landing to create what PetaPixel describes as “panoramic stitching and stop motion sequences.”

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The result is seven minutes of surreal space footage made even more awesome by the soundtrack, which was composed by Stangl’s brother Wolfgang.

“The whole film is based on the photos which NASA released in September 2015: The Project Apollo Archive,” Stangl told PetaPixel in an email. “I was fascinated by the amount and the quality of the Pictures. They were thousands of that beautiful high-res photographies made by the famous Hasselblad-Moon camera. When I looked at the archive, I knew immediately that I want to make a film with these photos!”

Unless you’re one of those two super rich people heading to the moon in 2018 or an astronaut with a lunar mission under your belt, bask in these amazing space views as much as you can until science finally makes a way for everyone to see them in person.