Every single person working on this short film is a woman

Yesterday, Emma Watson dropped some truth bombs about women in the film industry (like the fact that she’s worked with seventeen male directors and only two female, or that thirteen of her producers have been guys and only one has been a girl). Which is what makes this short film so remarkable: it’s entirely created by women.

There is not a single man to be found in the cast or crew of Chickadee, a short film written and directed by Alissa Jessup (a writer, director and actor who has worked with shows like True Blood and The Mindy Project) and produced by 6 With Heels, a production company founded by Sarah Chaney and Heather Olt.

6 With Heels is great for many reasons. Not only do Chaney and Olt have over twenty years of entertainment experience, they also want to use that experience for a good cause. Their website states:

This particular short film tells the story of a “pathologically unfiltered” woman who throws her sister a baby shower— of course things don’t go to plan.

Jessup, the mastermind behind the project, was inspired to make the film after reading something a famous actress had said. “I wrote Chickadee because I came across a quote from Michelle Rodriguez, and she said ‘I would love to see a movie with four women who like each other, that’s not about chasing a guy,’” explains Jessup in a fundraising video for the short.

And Chickadee, “a little movie about a lot of women having a lot of fun,” was born.

Sign us up.

(Image via chickadeeshort.com)

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