Zendaya Unveils Daya By Zendaya In NYC
Credit: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Daya by Zendaya

Zendaya is one of those celebs who is truly committed to using her star platform to be a force for good in the world. She isn’t shy about speaking out for those who are underrepresented and is passionate about equality and justice. We just love her! Not only is she a talented artist, but she’s an intelligent, interesting, and thoughtful woman who puts her creativity to good use! Case in point: Zendaya’s new clothing line is absolutely stunning! True to Zendaya herself, it’s smart, classic, and can easily appeal to just about everyone.

The line, called Daya by Zendaya has launched and these beautiful pieces are ready for you to scoop them up!

All the clothes come in sizes 0 to 22 and were made to be unisex!

How beautiful is she? You can snag that top here for just $48!

These gender-neutral staples might just be what gets us through those dark winter months that are slowly creeping up on us!

Credit: Daya by Zendaya

We had no idea we needed a velvet jumpsuit, but thank goodness it’s here!

And when was the last time you saw a denim maxi skirt that was actually flattering and looked nice?

Credit: Daya by Zendaya

It’s going on the wishlist immediately. Ahem, fam, right this way.

And, excuse me, but what was she thinking making a romper that looks like a tuxedo? Does she want us to go broke? It’s too good to be true!

Credit: Daya by Zendaya

Listen, you’re just going to need to head over to her site to check out every piece in her line, they really are too good to be true! The best part is, everything falls into the $18 to $158 price range because Zendaya understands that her fans are actual human people with jobs who work hard and have lots of bills to pay! She tells Racked:

Amen, sister!

If online isn’t your thing, you can check out her clothing in her pop-up shops that are happening this weekend in select cities!

We can’t wait to get our hands on everything!