Your in-between spring wardrobe, illustrated

It’s the most confusing time of the year for your wardrobe. It’s almost spring, but it’s cold. Really cold. But sunny. But also snowing? Ugh, I’m getting panic sweats just thinking about it. Spring weather is perfect for jeans, T-shirts with hoodies, light (but also heavy) sweaters, and socks, socks, socks. Because while you can’t wear heels with bare feet just yet, you can always wear them with a cute pair of socks. (It’s a look, trust us!)

Where to buy everything:

1. Double breasted jacket, H&M, $59.99

2. T-shirt with print design, H&M, $9.99

3. 501 jeans, Levi’s, $64.50

4. Coastal round glasses, Urban Outfitters, $16

5. Vintage plaid A-line skirt, Urban Outfitters, $49

6. Felt beret, Urban Outfitters, $29

7. Stonewashed High Tops, Converse, $60

8. Nori point-toe ankle boot, Urban Outfitters, $79

9. Talk To The Palm glitter ankle socks, ASOS, $6

10. Soft matte lip cream, NYX, $6.50

11. Chromagraphic eyeliner pencil, MAC, $17.50

12. Yellow Debra sweater, REVOLVE, $48