Sharareh Drury
Updated Nov 20, 2016 @ 12:37 pm

Comfy, cozy, cute — three essentials to look for when it comes to winter leggings. As temps drop and more holiday lattes hit coffee shop menus, there’s a growing urgency to nab all the snuggly clothes you can!

We’ve rounded up an adorable collection of winter-inspired leggings you’ll want delivered to you ASAP. Now, if only they could just magically appear on you. That would help save more time for cocoa drinking and holiday movie binge-watching.

1. Holiday cheer sprinkles down these leggings. You can find these at Macy’s ($16.99).

2. All we need — Santa, snowmen, and snowflakes. You can find these at Nordstrom ($32).

3. Kick back with some cheery reindeer. You can find these at Nordstrom ($32).

3. Penguins and puppies? Officially cute overloaded.You can find these at Target ($19.99).

4. Festive holiday leggings + a pajama top.You can find these at H&M ($24.99).

5. May the force be with you this winter.You can find these at Target ($19.99).

6. Don Dasher, Dancer, and all the holiday colors.You can find these at ModCloth ($24.99).

7. Chill out with a polar bear print.You can find these at ModCloth ($24.99).

8. Velvet leggings = comfy and sexy. You can find these at Express ($39.90).

Credit: Express

9. Kitties and Christmas? Yes, please!You can find these at Torrid ($32.17).

10. For the artistic leggings wearer.You can find these at Etsy ($29.39).