Olivia Harvey
February 19, 2018 7:33 am

Think about all the #struggles you deal with day-to-day. Maybe your morning cup of coffee always goes cold. Perhaps your arms feel as though they’re about to fall off when you’re carrying several bags of groceries. Or, like most of us, you cry while chopping an onion. What if we told you that all these problems could be solved by weird products from Amazon? If one simple product can solve a daily issue, then why wouldn’t you buy it, amiright?

We scoured our online Mecca, Amazon, and found some of the weirdest, yet amazing, products the site has to offer, all of which can make your life so much easier. Seriously, we didn’t even know that we needed any of these things until just now.

None of the below Amazon products are actually necessary, by any means. But they’re just so brilliant that we have to give the inventors credit and buy all of the things. For example, whoever thought to design a knife for the sole purpose of getting peanut butter out of every nook and cranny of the jar deserves an award and a hug. We love you, peanut butter knife inventor. We love you so much.

Without further ado, let us guide you down the path to easy living.

1Toppy Kitchen Home One Trip Grips

Invest in a couple of Trip Grips and take yourself on a shopping spree — you know, to test them out.

2Kitchen Gizmo Snap N’ Strain

Send your kitchen strainers packing. The Snap N’ Strain is taking control of all your straining needs.

3Doglot LED Desk Lamp

Can your current desk lamp tell you the time, date, day, and temperature? Didn’t think so.

4Glow Bowl Motion-Activated Nightlight

Yes, it might make your toilet look like something out of an ’80s horror flick. But this gadget would save us many stubbed toes.

5Milliard Spatula Phone Stand

Don’t be fooled — this spatula serves up technology, not food.

6Ebset Rolling Toothpaste Squeezer

Genius. Pure genius.

7BigMouth Inc USB Drink Warmer

Coffee addicts rejoice!

8Hamilton Beach Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Have you ever wanted to make two breakfast sandwiches at the same time? Feast your eyes.

9BUYINSOON USB Heated Gloves

Simply plug into your laptop or USB wall charger for instant warmth and comfort.

10Etekcity Luggage Scale

Never be charged for overweight bags again.

11Convenient Gadgets & Gifts Woozie

We chuckle as we order 10.

12Progressive Prepworks Onion Chopper

To minimize the amount of tears shed during the chopping process.

13CrazySound Toilet Paper Holder

Although some of us won’t admit to it, we all bring our phones into the bathroom. Don’t deny it!

14iSiLER Travel Garmet Steamer

Because a wrinkled shirt never impressed anyone.

15PB-JIFE Peanut Butter Knife

Also works with jelly, Nutella, almond butter, yogurt…we’re getting hungry.

16Opaceluuk USB Portable Humidifier

All you need is a water bottle and a USB port to help moisten your sinuses and skin.

17Vodeson Wireless Key Finder

No matter how many times you look, sometimes your keys just aren’t in your purse, pocket, jacket, etc. The Key Finder is here to help.

18Whisk Wiper

Useful because we’re still unclear how to properly clean a whisk, TBH.

19iTouchless EZ Faucet PRO

Bring the convenience of automatic faucets into your own home.

20Clever Sheep Natural Wool Dryer Balls

Pop one of these wool balls into your dryer to remove static and lint and to keep your clothes feeling soft and wrinkle-free.

21SENHAI Car Headrest Hooks

For when you’re tired of picking up spilled bags in the backseat of your car.

Here’s to never having to struggle ever again. Three cheers for Amazon! Hip, hip, hooray!