Your in-between weather wardrobe, illustrated

March is a confusing time. It’s five-thousand degrees below zero in the morning, and you wonder if anyone at the office will notice if you stayed your fleece pajamas and Uggs. Which you might just do if it didn’t get so stuffy in the afternoon! But now what? It’s still too cold for a skater skirt. Too warm for a peacoat. Do you still wear your heavy duty, over-the-knee boots? If you’re going through a wardrobe crisis like we are right now, let us help you out with some suggestions — illustrated of course.

Now, go forth and get your beginning-of-spring-end-of-winter shopping on!


Where to buy:

Vegan leather jacket, $102, Lulu’s

Graphic t-shirt, $17.99, H&M

Pink oversized sweater, $19.99, H&M

Beanie, $29, Club Monaco

Necklace, $35, Gilt

Scarf, $17.99, H&M

Drawstring backpack, $26, Shein