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Updated October 30, 2017
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Welcome to Want/Need, a daily roundup of the things HelloGiggles’ Editorial Director and Deputy Editor are madly in love with, and what we — you guessed it — WANT/NEED. Our recommendations will include (but are not limited to) the perfect sandal, mom jeans you should totally wear to the office, pretty water bottles, and lipsticks that will make you feel unstoppable. Check back every day for new picks and deals!

Clinique Pep-Start 2-in-1 Exfoliating Cleanser, $19.50


Consider my love for Clinique eternal. When I was a freshman in college, Clinique was my introduction to Fancy Skincare. After dealing with years of finicky, zitty skin, my mom finally took me to Macy’s, where a woman in a white lab coat created a custom-made skincare routine for me, giving me blue and yellow and pink bottles, and a bonus mascara for spending over a hundred bucks. While I’m definitely not brand-monogamous, I still have a reserved place in my heart for Clinique, which is why I picked up a bottle of this exfoliating cleanser. My skin has been dry and lackluster lately, so I figured some daily (gentle) scrubbing would do it some good — and it has! Just after one day of use, my face looks and feels brighter.

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Sézane Romane Jumper, $135


Sézane is like the French Madewell, and I could easily spend my entire savings account here. Everything is so, pardon the cliche, French girl chic. Especially this sweater, which makes your grandma’s floral couch seem high fashion. If you like it, you better add it to your cart fast — Sézane sells out quickly.

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Modcloth Snooze Travel Pillow Set, $35


I’m flying out to New York for work next week and I’ve got one thing on my mind…how I’m going to catch up on sleep on the plane, duh. And it’s impossible without a good neck pillow, so I’ve been searching for one that’s durable, can fold easily, and looks adorable. This unicorn travel pillow (and matching eye mask!) checks all the boxes.

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Meow Meow Tweet Migrator Kit, $48

Meow Meow Tweet

I’m personally a big fan of travel kits, because they cut down on my packing time. Packing my suitcase always feels like the bane of my existence. So Meow Meow Tweet’s “Migrator Kit” is my saving grace. Who has the time to buy tiny TSA-approved bottles and pour shampoo into them? Nah thanks. Call me a diva of grand proportions, but I like a kit. And this one is better than any other I’ve tried because it has way more than just the basics. For one, it has deodorant (!), which is really what sets this killer kit apart from the others. It may seem minor, but not having to lug around my full-sized deodorant saves precious space. It also comes with a toner and face exfoliant, which I feel like aren’t typically included in basic kits. I skipped town the other weekend, and you bet your peach emoji (that’s your butt, y’all), I brought this kit with me.

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Slumbr Vela Down + Feather Pillow, $80


In my quest to step up my apartment living, I decided I needed a pillow upgrade. I’ve had the same pillows for an embarrassing amount of years, so it was time. But, here’s the thing: I’m VERY particular about pillows. It’s a Goldilocks type situation. Slumbr is a pillow company that lets you take a quiz and gives you suggestions for your perfect pillow based on your sleep habits. I have been sleeping on the “Vela” style pillow, and it makes me feel like a Care Bear asleep in the clouds. It’s supportive, but not too firm. Softy and heavenly. Juuuuust right. This is some true beauty sleep.

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Elemis Frangipani Monoi Shower Cream, $40


My favorite type of skin care products are shower and bath related, and I really appreciate a good shower gel. I personally am a fan of fragrant, floral scents because it makes the whole shower experience so relaxing. But it can be hard to find a nice floral scent in a shower gel that isn’t overly sweet or synthetic. That’s why I love this shower cream from Elemis. It makes me feel like my shower is outside in the center of a beautiful garden.

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