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Updated Sep 26, 2017 @ 12:20 pm
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Welcome to Want/Need, a daily roundup of the things HelloGiggles’ Editorial Director and Deputy Editor are madly in love with, and what we — you guessed it — WANT/NEED. Our recommendations will include (but are not limited to) the perfect sandal, mom jeans you should totally wear to the office, pretty water bottles, and lipsticks that will make you feel unstoppable. Check back every day for new picks and deals!

IT Cosmetics Secret Sauce Anti-Aging Moisturizer, $68

IT Cosmetics

First of all: This is what a unicorn would look like as a skin care product. Second, this moisturizer is heavenly! Granted, I’m not really worried about wrinkles yet, but I’m always proactive about my skin’s overall health. While it’s formulated to be anti-aging, it also ensures that your face is silky smooth.

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Daily Harvest Ready-Made Smoothies, prices vary

Daily Harvest

I just ordered a week’s supply of smoothies (and one “ice cream”) because lately my mornings have consisted of me stuffing my face with a piece of toast and then flying out the door…only to be starving by 10 a.m. These ready-to-make smoothies are filled with ingredients that are good for you and fill you up, so you don’t need to worry about inhaling a bag of Doritos two hours before lunch. You get to pick out your plan, then pick your products — along with smoothies, Daily Harvest also offers bowls and ice cream (mine is cookie dough made with, get this, CAULIFLOWER). And right now you can use HG video producer Christina Wolfgram’s promo code, “itsthecwolf” to get your first week half off.

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Anthropologie x Akemi + Kin Midi Skirt, $50 (was $88)


This clean, crisp white skirt is just perfect. That’s all.

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Free People Ferris Wheel Tee, $50 (was $98)

Free People

I weirdly kind of want to go to a state fair this fall and eat a candy apple and ride a ferris wheel. I haven’t done that since I was a kid!

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Plantioxidants Herb Detox Mask, $88


As a veggie lover, I’m very into this detox mask. I appreciate that it’s not made with a clay base, because those tend to dry out my extra-sensitive skin a little bit. But this mask uses spirulina (a nutrient-rich superfood) as its base, so it’s super nourishing. After a weekend of wine and nachos (with extra sour cream — love that dollop of Daisy!), my skin was craving some special attention Sunday night. This was just the ticket.

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“Escape” by Gray Malin, $28.46


Gray Malin’s new photography book “Escape” is gorgeous and visually arresting, so it makes a perfect centerpiece for your coffee table. I propped mine up on my new bookshelf where there was an awkward empty gap. This pulled the whole shelf together!

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