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Welcome to Want/Need, a daily roundup of the things our Deputy Editor, Emily Popp, is currently coveting. It might be a pair of pink leather loafers that make her feel like she’s got her s*#t together, or a pool float in the shape of an avocado (because she’s not over the novelty pool float trend). Or maybe it’s as random as, like, dryer sheets. Basically this is all the stuff she’s obsessed with. Poppy’s picks, if you will.

Recover x Paul Fuentes Flower Power Pizza iPhone Case

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Urban Outfitters

If you were to distill my soul down to one image it would be this: a pizza topped with pink flowers.

Rachel Antonoff Antoinette’s Palette Tee

Credit: Rachel Antonoff

Oh what a delight Rachel Antonoff is. I just love all of her confections, especially this “Antoinette’s Palette Tee,” which features the Pantones of Marie Antoinette. Naturally.

Leatherology Belmont Structured Tote

Credit: Leatherology

I’ve been drooling over this gorgeous leather tote bag. I have an Everlane work tote that is holding up quite well, but when the day comes where I need another/new one, I definitely have my eye on this one. I love the size (when it comes to a work bag, I need it to be “big ass” but not bulky). And I also love that you can get it monogrammed!

Nannette De Gaspé Essence Noir Tonic

Credit: Nannette De Gaspé

Every beauty lover I know has been singing the praises of Nanette de Gaspé (particularly its sheet masks), but somehow I’ve never gotten around to trying anything from the brand. Until recently, when I received a sample of their “Essence Noir Tonic.” What is that, you ask? It’s essentially a toner, and the “noir” comes from the fact that it’s made from black tea ferment, black super fruits and black Tahitian pearl extracts. Super fancy, huh? This is arguably the most luxurious toner I’ve ever used. I used it after my cleanser and I put a little of the liquid on a cotton pad, swiped it over my face…and the cotton pad instantly turned a light shade of brown. Ew! But so satisfying. It left the most “residue” on my cotton pad than any toner I’ve used in a while. It got all the leftover gunk! And it just smells like it’s working, if that makes sense. I totally get how shelling out the big bucks for a toner may seem a bit extreme, but if you want to go “big” (very big, in fact) when it comes to your skin care routine, I would definitely recommend Nanette de Gaspé. Yes, it aint cheap, but it made me feel like I was at a five star hotel spa, which is way more expensive.

Levi’s Original Sherpa Trucker Jacket

Credit: Levi's

I have a couple denim jackets, but I don’t own a shearling-lined one—and they always just look so cozy to me.

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