Target collection
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Many of us have memories of going clothing shopping with our mothers. Sometimes, those memories evoke a deep bonding time, where mother and daughter share similar or complementary tastes in clothing. Other times, those memories bring up eye-rolls and frustrations. The clothing options in Victoria Beckham’s new Target collection offer up a variety of stylish looks for both mothers and their daughters, so they can make these memories.

There are playful looks for the Baby Spice in the family and more chic looks if you identify as Posh Spice.

While the full collection won’t be officially available until April 9th, we can still peek the spring looks in the meantime.

The collection includes over 200 pieces, with the prices ranging from $6 to $70!

So it doesn’t get too pricey.

Credit: Target

The sizes available run from XS to 3X for women and NB to XL for girls, toddlers, and babies, so the whole family can get fresh digs.

The line includes everything from bold monochrome spring dresses, to playful floral patterns, to trendy loose-fit pants.

Credit: Target

You could form your own Spice Girls cover band with your daughter or niece.

You could throw a mod party, a floral-themed picnic, or a daytime soiree in these outfits.

Keep your eyes peeled for the release of the Victoria Beckham for Target Collection on April 9th!