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Credit: Courtesy of Valfré
Credit: Courtesy of Valfré

We’re all about comfort and convenience in the warmer months. Breathable fabrics and super short hems are pretty much a must, and this season we’re eyeing everything vintage-inspired to give our style some pep.

Thankfully our prayers have been answered by cult favorite brand Valfré, who are now selling jumpsuits and rompers. The destination for all things cute and sassy, Valfré’s aesthetic is bold, bright and very, very vintage, aka something we’d love to emulate all summer long.

Ilse Valfré (the goddess behind the brand) told HelloGiggles about the inspiration behind her new Sunday Girls collection.

Credit: Courtesy of Valfré

It looks like her parents had some pretty rad style, because we’d spend all summer in these groovy pieces if we could. While we’ve aways loved Valfré’s take on collared dresses and graphic tees, our love for these new jumpsuits is especially strong.

This denim number is the perfect mix of industrial and dainty, thanks to its utilitarian silhouette and delicate details.

Credit: Courtesy of Valfré

And since the jumpsuit also comes in baby pink, it really does feel like dreams come true.

Credit: Courtesy of Valfré

If you’re not all about convenience and instead prefer a butter-soft tee to spend your summer in, this collection will also satisfy your sartorial sweet tooth. Choose a classic tee that reads “illuminaughty” with a cobra on it or a long sleeve that says “the kind you don’t bring home to mother.”

Credit: Courtesy of Valfré

Wear these tees if you want to make a statement without saying a word.

Credit: Courtesy of Valfré

And not to worry, if you love dresses as much as we do, then you can rest assured there are plenty of striking options in this collection as well.

Valfré’s sparkle goth game is unparalleled thanks to this sheer high-waisted number with bell sleeves.

Credit: Courtesy of Valfré

We’re already fantasizing about wearing it to the cemetery for a picnic under the warm April sun.

There are no words for the masterpiece that is this cobra jacket.

Credit: Courtesy of Valfré

The pieces run from $42 to $98 and are available now on We can’t wait to wear this whole collection all summer and beyond.