Patrice J. Williams
Updated February 06, 2018 9:29 am
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It happens every single year. February rolls around and you have no idea what to buy your significant other for Valentine’s Day. You can go the flower and candy route, but maybe that’s too basic for you. Or you can get super specific with gifts for the Trekkie in your life. But how about you pick a gift based on their Myers-Briggs personality type?

By now, you’re probably a Myers-Briggs pro and use your personality type to determine everything from your signature scent to the city you might want to move to. But Myers-Briggs is also a great way to determine what to buy your partner for Valentine’s Day.

Maybe you’ve known them for years and totally have their personality down to a science, so you want to get something that directly reflects that. Or your courtship is new, but you still know a few of their personality quirks.

The gifts below will have them saying, “You get me!”

ESTJ: Constantly drops subtle hints about what they want.

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But what they really want is to unwind. This speaker includes sound therapy music and lights that align with their circadian rhythm.

ISTJ: They’re a boss.

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A goal-getter is probably running off of some serious caffeine. This subscription delivers different coffees from around the world.

ESFJ: The romantic at heart.

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What’s more romantic than a night in and chocolate? How about a kit that comes complete with truffles, faux rose petals, a candle, and glam champagne flutes?

ISFJ: Laid-back and low-key.

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If low-key is the name of the game, then bae will love this set with a cookbook, bluetooth speaker, and gold cooking gear.

ESTP: Drama may or may not be their middle name.

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Help them unwind, and protect their hands and feet, while doing yoga or pilates.

YogaPaws, $35

ISTP: The straight-shooter.

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What’s more straight to the point and an instant pleaser than wine? This award-winning, semi-dry white wine is great paired with everything from cheese to a spicy dish. And it’s less than $20!

ESFP: Like a cozy, lazy weekend.

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Don’t overlook the simplicity of a great pair of slippers, especially when they’re this cozy and soft.

ISFP: They’re the protector of the crew.

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If they’re constantly taking care of everyone and everything else, this food delivery system is perfect. Ingredients come chopped and prepped and arrive in a reusable, eco-friendly container (i.e. no more cardboard boxes!).

ENTJ: Hello, Type A!

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What anal-retentive, I mean, “particular” person wouldn’t appreciate a handheld steamer? It’s also great for a traveler.

INTJ: Classy and practical.

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If they love lounging at home, this robe is an absolute winner. And it comes in four different colors.

ENFJ: They never stop moving.

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Gotta go, gotta go is their motto, so shopping is probably at the bottom of their list. Stitch Fix is a fashion subscription for men and women that sends clothes directly to their doorstep.

Stitch Fix, starting at $25

INFJ: Has a million to-do lists.

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“You’d lose your head if it weren’t attached!” If you’ve said this to your partner, then they need this gadget that attaches to prized possessions (keys, phone, purse, etc.) and the accompanying app that helps them find whatever has been misplaced.

Tile Style, $35

ENTP: Trendsetter.

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They can’t just camp, they must glamp and Instagram every minute of it! So this kit — which includes sleek cutlery and a lantern that’s also a portable charger — is sure to make them smile.

INTP: Problem-solver.

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If they look at life as having no problems, only solutions, then this set is a must. Each card contains new adventures (example: strike up a conversation with five people who intrigue you) that are meant to spark joy and encourage connections.

ENFP: Art is life.

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While you may not be able to afford a classic work of art, you can upload their favorite photos and have them printed on wooden blocks of different shapes. Cute, fun, and a great way to see your favorite pics every day.

Instablock, $80

INFP: Sweet and sentimental.

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Candy, who doesn’t love candy? Instead of a single box of chocolates, buy your love a Sugarwish and they can select their candies of choice and have them shipped directly to their door.

Sugarwish, $28

How sweet it is to be loved.