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uniqlo down coat parka
Credit: Uniqlo

The holidays are over, but don’t despair too much. The New Year is steeped in potential, and I’m sure you’re off to a running start on those 2020 resolutions. I, for one, am off to a very warm start. No, I’m not somewhere tropical, and yes, the gray skies do make the below-freezing temps here in New York City even less enjoyable. What I do have working to my advantage, however, is my Uniqlo Hybrid Down Hooded Parka.

Uniqlo has three women’s hybrid down jackets, actually—the Hybrid Down Ultra Warm Short Coat, the Hybrid Down Cocoon Coat, and my very own Hybrid Down Hooded Park—and they’re all on sale right now for between $60 and $100.

The hybrid down line of jackets, which Uniqlo says are its “warmest outerwear ever made,” are designed with a combination of high-tech bio-warming padding and down materials to keep them ultra warm sans excessive bulk. Because of their hybrid nature, Uniqlo’s coats manage to be both stylish and absolutely essential to getting through winter without shivering your way around.

The more I wear my Uniqlo jacket, the more I realize it’s a gift that truly keeps giving. My initial observations were how unbelievably warm I was on my daily commute, how plush and comfortable the material of the jacket is, and how unimpeded my range of motion was by the fit and flexibility. Each time I wore the jacket my first week, I discovered some previously overlooked feature that only added benefit after benefit.

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One day, I noticed the elastic bands running along the jacket you can use to cinch in the bottom if you want even more insulation, and another I happened upon the interior pocket designed specifically for lacing headphones through. The regular outer pockets are fleece-lined so your hands can get cozy even if you forgot gloves (or lost them again, like me), and the water-repellent coating means I don’t need to schlep an umbrella with me in light rain or snow. The style of the coat even saves you the hassle of grabbing a scarf because you can zip it all the way up to your chin.

The Hybrid Down Parka comes in five colors and is currently marked down by over 50 percent, bringing its price down to just $60, one of the most competitive prices we’ve seen for a real down jacket. Some sizes in the bolder colors are already sold out, so you should definitely act fast if you want to pick up this incredibly warm coat for an incredibly good price.

I’m not sure about you, but a coat that reduces the amount I have to carry/wear just to face the day brings me so much relief. And the fact that I start sweating when I get to the subway reinforces Uniqlo’s prowess at keeping me almost too warm, even in NYC winters, with its Hybrid Down Parka.

This story originally appeared on RealSimple.com by Claudia Fisher.