Lourdes Avila Uribe
March 21, 2017 7:15 am

Part of the fun of getting to plan your wedding are all the unique little details you can customize to truly embody your spirit — from the decor to your personal style! And while not every bride might choose to wear a veil with their wedding dress, it is just about the only time in one’s life where the occasion to wear one will arise, and many like to take advantage of that fact! That said, there are tons of different styles of veils to pick from — gone are the days of a cathedral-length veil being the norm. There are Juliet caps, tiny box veils, short veils, long veils, and more!

If you’re planning your wedding for this current season, and aren’t sure if you want to wear a veil or not, be sure to keep in mind that there are tons of different options. You don’t need to worry about looking like a granny if that’s not your thing! However, you will want to consider the style of your dress in relation to the veil. You won’t necessarily want to mix patterns that clash, and you’ll want to make sure that the shade of your dress goes well with the veil you pick.

If you’re a vintage-inspired bride, a box veil hat might be just the thing for you! And if you’re all about dreamy romance, check out some Juliet cap veils. Going for a Spanish-inspired wedding? Take a look at some mantillas before you make your choice. You’ll find just the thing to make you feel ethereal and special on your big day!

Here are 17 of our favorite unconventional wedding veils!

1Crown and Glory Pom Pom Trim Circle Veil, £42

Crown and Glory

The pom detailing on the edge of this veil is festive while still looking relatively classic! And we love that you can opt to go for colorful pom-poms as opposed to just white, if that’s what suits your fancy.

2Me and My Girl Vintage Short Heart Veil, $62.94


Short, simple, and jazzed up with lovely tiny hearts.

3Agnes Hart Ivory Wedding Veil Juliet Cap, $238


The art deco vibe gives this veil a unique look without straying too far from a more classic aesthetic. It’s positively dreamy!

4Over the Moon Bridal Blusher Veil, $25


This teeny tiny ’60s throwback would be the perfect touch for a garden or City Hall wedding where you just want a hint of veil!

5BMillinery Dip-Dyed Wedding Veil, $30.84


That hint of pink is completely delightful and unexpected.

6Velvet Owl Bridal Birdcage Veil with Peach Flower, $85


All the little details on this tiny veil make it an especially elegant and delicate throwback.

7Lumiere Bridal Shop Audrey Polka Dot Chapel Veil, $110


This beauty gives you the stunning regal presence of a Cathedral veil, but has a playful edge thanks to the polka dots.

8Velvet Owl Bridal Juliet Alencon Lace Bridal Cap, $420


This gorgeous take on the Juliet-style veil is a full on crystal-encrusted cap that looks positively ethereal!

9Jannie Baltzer Saara Veil, €442

Jannie Baltzer

At first glance this dreamy veil looks relatively traditional, but the side lace pins give it a unique spin and boho look.

10Coverfront Beaded Short Veil, $25


The combination of the beading, lace and veil length give this veil a spunky and lighthearted personality, don’t you think?

11Velvet Owl Bridal Lace Bespoke Birdcage Veil, $120


We’re loving this wide range of birdcage veil styles, they really are all unique. The details on this one are delicate and so refined, it looks like it came out of an antique shop!

12Velvet Owl Bridal Juliet Wedding Cap, $140


This unique take on a Juliet cap is simple and lovely, and looks like something we’d have seen in Anne of Green Gables, in the best way!

13Veiled Beauty Blush Veil, $59


We just can’t get enough of these gorgeous baby pink veils! The long, traditional length is a beautiful juxtaposition to the untraditional pink.

14Mari Style Couture Modern Veil Headpiece, $70


How chic and mysterious is this birdcage veil?

15Bhldn Velvet Cocktail Hat, $120


Part hat, part fascinator, part veil — this piece is a total showstopper and it looks fancy and luxurious, too!

16Smitha Menon Bridal Mantilla, $105


This gorgeous mantilla would be more mainstream if not for the gold lace detailing on the edges and the polka dots throughout, giving it a truly unique and romantic look.

17Custom Slogan Circle Veil, £37

Crown and Glory

Want to express your feelings through your veil? You can order a custom one from Crown and Glory that displays any 12-character phrase you like.

Regardless of what style of veil you pick on your big day, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable, beautiful, and like yourself! Thank goodness for the internet and the wide variety of options for all of us to pick from — whether it be wedding veils, shoes, or videos of puppies!