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There are people who like denim, there are people who loathe denim, and there are people who LOVE denim. Like really, really love it. Like everything they own is denim and they wear Canadian tuxedos for every and any occasion. We’re assuming these are the people who decided to make two pairs of jeans into a dress, a feat that has stumped us here at HelloGiggles.

Is it a pair of pants? Is it a dress? No, better yet, IT’S BOTH. And unfortunately, the dress is as strange as it sounds.

Credit: Shopbop

Shopbop is the one behind the “2 Jeans Dress,” and we’ll just leave the description of it here:

And sadly, as if this isn’t an odd enough Frankenstein-like thing to create, the price is a little bit unbelievable as well. For a mere $445, this could be yours!

Our only question:

So we’re not saying we could just DIY this with literally any pair of jeans from Goodwill, but we’re also not not saying that. It literally looks like Shopbop took pants, flipped them upside down and sewed them together. Even if you love denim, we just have to say this … this is making us feel all sorts of feelings.

Credit: Shopbop

We’re all for fierce fashion statements, but our only question is if this is taking it too far?! When does DIY become exploited? Either way, we’ll just enjoy this from a distance and keep the imaginary $445 we could spend to ourselves.

Until next time, denim!