Lourdes Avila Uribe
Updated Dec 05, 2016 @ 4:14 pm
Credit: Torrid

We’ve loved all things Star Wars since we were kids and we are so not ashamed of it — it’s badass and always will be! So we’re thrilled that the franchise and it’s spin-offs are gifting us with yearly movies and all the amazing Star Wars-related swag that comes with it. Case in point: Torrid is launching a Rogue One-inspired collection and we can’t wait to get our paws on it! We just adore that Torrid knows the way to our hearts is through pop culture-themed clothing.

Hey, just because we’re technically adults doesn’t mean we can’t pay homage to our favorite films! From their Harry Potter line to their Sanrio collaboration, we want it all. Everyone’s got their little niche that they feel safe in, and Torrid’s inclusive pop culture lines help us all feel like we can be a part of a bigger movement, no matter what it is!

The collection features five pieces and comes out today! So there’s really no excuse to jump on it while we can. I mean, what else are you gonna wear to the movie?!

Credit: Torrid

Clearly, this jacket is what you will be wearing. That is your answer. The Jyn Erso Hooded Jacket is available for $84.90.

How cozy and cool does this t-shirt look? We love that it’s ever so slightly abstract and the detailing is awesome.

Credit: Torrid

The Jyn Erso & Death Star Tee is $42.90.

This jacket will make us look like Felicity Jones, right? That’s how fashion works?

Credit: Torrid

The Hooded Cardigan is $68.90.

Look at the details on the back of it! It really looks like it could have come straight from the set without looking like a costume piece.

Credit: Torrid

See, the cold shoulder look is so popular, they even wear it while battling evil in outer space!

Credit: Torrid

You can get the Rebel Alliance Cold Shoulder Sweater for $58.90.

And we’re loving that the line has a dress as well, it is totally otherworldly while also looking utilitarian and practical. You could go to a bar or go kick some major butt while wearing it!

Credit: Torrid

You can get the Rebel Alliance Flightsuit Dress for $78.90.

The entire collection is under $100 and incorporates unique details that fans will instantly spot and appreciate. The limited-edition line is available starting today, December 6th, online only. Rogue One comes out on December 16th, have you bought your tickets yet?