Dasha Fayvinova
January 28, 2017 10:19 am

While most people look into expensive designer labels when it comes to wedding dresses, there is now an affordable alternative. It turns out that Topshop now sells wedding dresses, too! These gowns won’t break the bank, but they will have you looking fabulous on your big day. So get your Pinterest boards up and running.

Planning a wedding is stressful enough without the added pressure of  over-priced items.

There’s lot of expectations put on the bride to find the perfect wedding dress. The cut, the style, the brand – everything has to be impeccable. Luckily, women know that Topshop is a brand that can deliver quality for a reasonable price. So their new wedding dresses will definitely make your life easier.

 On the whole, the brand is not going to be super cheap. According to Refinery 29, bridesmaid dresses will start at $160 and wedding dressed will start at $650. And compared to the price points of other name-brand stores, it’s not bad!

According to their promotional social media post, the collection will be available as early as April of this year. So it will be available just time for all of those summer or fall brides. While we do not recommend waiting until the last moment, it might be a good idea to explore the collection for those who are planning ahead.

If you are looking to save some pennies, this is a great option.

Reasonably priced gowns are always in demand, especially from brands people already trust. Hopefully, it is just a matter of time before other affordable brands hop into the mix. Soon, having to spend thousands on that special dress could be a thing of the past!