Bronwyn Isaac
Updated Dec 23, 2016 @ 8:53 am
all birds
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Picking the right footwear is a decision that will affect your overall life quality. If your feet aren’t properly supported they’ll cause your whole body to scream with pain. However, most of us don’t dig the fashion sensibilities of orthopedic shoes. Luckily, we’ve discovered an ethical shoe brand that manages to bridge the gap between comfort and style, while remaining socially responsible.

The New Zealand-based shoe brand, Allbirds, not only provides rare comfortable sneaker options but features shoes cute enough that you can travel the world in them without accruing a weeping world of blisters. This is a game changer for many of us and could serve as a great gift for family members on the go!

The brand makes all of their shoes from locally sourced Merlino wool and practices sustainable farming with no harm to the sheep. Not only do they promote animal welfare, but they also boast a carbon footprint that is 60 percent smaller than run-of-the-mill synthetic shoe brands.

They also have a partnership with the non-profit Soles4Souls, which is dedicated to distributing clothing and quality shoes to those in need. If that’s not enough to draw you in, they’ve added new colors to their regime of $95 wool runners, which were previously only available in Natural Grey, Dark Kea Green, and Kea Red.

They’ve added a new limited-edition Wool Runner in a lush Kotare Marine shade.

Credit: Allbirds

Even if you opt for a subtle shade of black, every shoe order made in December also comes with a pair of limited-edition festive laces.

Credit: Allbirds

You can check out all of the Women’s Wool Runners on the Allbirds website, and dress your shoes for all of your global adventures!