Lourdes Avila Uribe
Updated Nov 10, 2016 @ 5:03 pm
Credit: Sanrio / Melody Ehsani

When it comes to evoking strong childhood memories, Sanrio is up there with Lip Smackers, jelly sandals and butterfly clips! Can’t you just remember that plastic-y bubble gum smell that all the stores had? We loved it and still do! Ever the beacons of adorable, Sanrio has teamed up with designer Melody Ehsani on a new collection and it’s as good as you’d imagine! There’s something for everyone: pins, jackets, air fresheners for your car, a little Sanrio-themed bling, and more! The line features Sanrio’s beloved character, My Melody, so it’s very fittingly called the Melody Ehsani x My Melody Collection. Can we just say we are so very into all these collaborations that Sanrio has been doing lately?

This limited-edition collection launches today, and each piece retails between $6 and $120! So you’ll definitely be able to find something at the price point that works best for you.

Credit: Sanrio / Melody Ehsani

How precious is this pin?!

The Call Me Back pink tee just couldn’t be cuter!

Credit: Sanrio / Melody Ehsani

Melody Ehsani is an LA-based indie designer who’s a huge My Melody fan and designed the collection as an homage to her favorite character.

Credit: Sanrio / Melody Ehsani

We had no idea that all we were missing in our lives was some Sanrio bling!

Credit: Sanrio / Melody Ehsani
Credit: Sanrio / Melody Ehsani

How about a tracksuit that will take you from your workout to brunch while looking like a lil’ angel?

Credit: Sanrio / Melody Ehsani
Credit: Sanrio / Melody Ehsani

These earrings are too cute for words.

Credit: Sanrio / Melody Ehsani

Would you judge us if we wore these slippers outside the house?

Credit: Sanrio / Melody Ehsani

We are seriously loving these J.Lo vibe hoops, too!

Credit: Sanrio / Melody Ehsani

And we can always use more pins for our collections!

Credit: Sanrio / Melody Ehsani
Credit: Sanrio / Melody Ehsani

Isn’t this tee just the perfect mishmash of Sanrio and LA cool?

Credit: Sanrio / Melody Ehsani

These sweatshirts look cozy enough to get us through the impending winter!

Credit: Sanrio / Melodi Ehsani
Credit: Sanrio / Melody Ehsani

Don’t you just love all these? Bring some light into our lives, My Melody — we need it desperately!

The limited edition Melody Ehsani x My Melody collection will be available exclusively at Melody Ehsani on Fairfax Ave. in Los Angeles, at melodyehsani.com, Sanrio.com and select Sanrio stores for the holidays. Don’t delay, this collection is gonna fly off the shelves!