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Welcome to your official Scream Queens Season 2 fashion recap. Here we will discuss the various lewks in each episode, complete with affordable shopping recs so you too can mimic the grandiose style of Chanel Oberlin and Co. Warning: spoilers within!

Friends, frenemies, and idiot hookers, the time has finally come to say goodbye to Scream Queens Season 2! After intensely analyzing every faux fur coat, statement necklace, and fuzzy platform heel of Chanel Oberlin and gang, we must bid farewell to our favorite sorority girls-turned-med students and their motley crew of comrades. *tear*

Throughout the entire 10-episode series, we’ve watched the Chanels, Zayday, Dean Munsch, and the rest of C.U.R.E. Hospital’s staff evade the murderous rampage of the Green Meanie(s).

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In the finale, Dr. Cassidy Cascade, aka Green Meanie #1, decided to change his ways after falling in love with Chanel #3 — much to the dismay of his mother AND Nurse Hoffel.

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Meanwhile, Hester convinced Dr. Holt to propose to Munsch with the plan of inheriting all her money after she dies of kuru. Hester wants Holt to grab the cash, then run away with her to Blood Island. Chanel was NOT happy about the impending nuptials of Dr. Holt and Dean Munsch, and planned to throw a hot pumpkin spice latte into Munsch’s exposed brain during her surgery. Man, this season was SO INSANE.

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On that note, let’s peruse the insanely gorgeous fashions. I have to say, I was expecting this last episode to be FILLED with outrageous, flamboyant outfits, and was a bit disappointed to find them still wearing their usual (though fabulous) uniforms for most of it.

Thankfully, the Chanels’ accessory game always came through.

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We finally got some new ~lewks~ at the end of the episode, when Chanel was revealed to be the new host of Lovin’ the D. Let’s say hello to this furry pink mirror. TRULY OUTRAGEOUS!

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And this FUSCHIA POWER SUIT. We’re breathless.

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Are you ready to shop your pretty little heart out? LET’S GO!

Chanel #5’s heart tattoo choker gives us heart-eyes.

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#3’s white heart choker reminds me of those tattoos chokers from the ’90s that made a comeback in the past couple of years. This vintage deadstock one for just $5 is the next best thing.

Only Zayday can pull off a gold pants during a negotiation.

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You’d never catch Zayday in pastel faux fur, but her outfits in the show were always classy and chic. Those shiny gold slacks? Jaw-droppingly GORGE. Get this $179 pair from ASOS for your NYE outfits and beyond.

Pearls for girls.

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We’ll miss seeing how many pearl accessories #5 can wear with one outfit. To numb our pain, we might as well buy about 10 or so of these $5.50 rings from ASOS!

Blue, blue baby.

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When #5 wears a darker shade of blue, we know this is a serious scene. Either way, we’re loving the switch from her usual baby blue lewk! Get this shaggy oat from Etsy for $135.

Lovin’ the pink.

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Chanel’s turn as the host of her own daytime talk show didn’t mean she had to give up her love for all things pink. All the more reason to snag this from the WAH Nails x ASOS collab and is now on sale for $68.50.

Statement necklaces + Chanel #3 = FOREVER

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#3 always killed it with the statement necklaces, from last week’s flamingo-themed jewels to this gigantic pink daisy. Since we can’t find a good copy, this heart and arrow style from Betsey Johnson is the next best thing and totally something she’d wear.

Hope you enjoyed our Scream Queens fashion recaps! Let’s cross our fingers (for the good of our closets) that they get renewed for a third season!

Until next time, bitches!

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