Bronwyn Isaac
November 22, 2016 12:50 pm
American Giant

The combination of the emotional election aftermath and the overwhelming nature of the holiday season makes many of us want to climb inside a soft large t-shirt and sleep for hours. Luckily, the brand that previously introduced the most comfortable (and functional) sweatpants has released a really cool and trendy work shirt that we could cuddle up in after a day of working too hard.

The pinnacle brand of function meets comfort, American Giant, previously came out with sweatpants you could wear all day without growing uncomfortable or getting called out by pants purists. In similar fashion, the genius brand has now released a new custom fleece work shirt that epitomizes the term business casual.

It’s sold in both black and a maroon port color, and it includes comfortable front pockets for stashing your tiny pencils and gum.

American Giant

If you’re truly motivated, you could fit a handful of Starburst in each of those pockets.

American Giant

You can buy it now from the American Giant website for $89, and drape yourself in thick functional fleece.

The pockets are truly a selling point, more women’s clothing needs pockets so we can be sustained with pens and snacks for the female uprising.

American Giant

We’re consistently thankful that American Giant keeps bringing us more comfortable, functional, and flattering clothing.