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It can be difficult to find activewear that doesn’t squeeze our body like a pill bottle while costing us $500, which makes the comfortable and stylish workout clothing from Miel even more refreshing and rare. A true family business, the versatile and colorful athletic clothing brand Miel was co-founded by the sisters Camila and Valeria Valendia back in 2008 after years researching fabrics, cuts, and updated sewing technologies.

Their diverse collection features all styles of flexible undergarments, whether you’re seeking out a comfortable thong or yoga briefs, the Valendia sisters have created a line comfortable enough that you’ll soon find yourself doing yoga with your goat. That is, if you have a goat that can do a headstand.

We had the honor of asking the sisters a few questions about how they started their brand as well as their favorite pieces from the line!

HelloGiggles: What sparked the idea for the line?

Camila Valendia: As sisters and best friends who have always worked, played and exercised together, we continually faced the same problem: how to stay fresh, comfy and sexy from morning to night, without having to change underwear a million times a day. This quest led us to identify a gap in the market between “active wear,” not the best choice for work or an evening out, and “lingerie,” which is often impractical and uncomfortable in the gym or office. And so we set out to find a solution for busy yet stylish women on the go. Thanks to innovative new fabrics and knitting technologies, we created a collection of modern seamless basics that suit all environments, eliminating the need to change three times a day. All Miel bras, camisoles and panties were developed with a mind to support a woman’s daily activities at home, behind a desk, at the gym, and out on the town. Our undies are just as perfect for your yoga routine as under the little black dress you throw on after class before heading out for drinks. In a word, we deliver “all day, every day” underwear that appeals to active women of all ages.

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HG: How did you pick your fabrics and color options?

Valeria Valendia: At Miel, we always focus on innovation and engineering the world’s best underwear. We have spent years perfecting the cuts, fabric blends, look and feel, support, colors, and finishes of our pieces. What distinguishes our underwear is that we make sure to use the best fabrics (like microfiber, Spandex and cotton) in different parts of the items to ensure comfort and most flattering fit. Our fabrics are protected with Guardin; a plant-based, built-in, antimicrobial protection against stains and odors. Miel also integrates seamless and flat-seam compression in different areas of each garment where it needs stretch or support. Last but not least, every season, we feature new bursts of color always in sync with what’s happening in fashion and on the street.

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HG: What are your top three favorite pieces from the line?

CV & VV: We love all our styles so it’s hard to select just three! But if we have to choose, we’d say that our NANA bra, IRIS hipster and LUNA thong are particular standouts that every woman should have in her drawer. Our customers love them! That being said, our sexy new racerback bra is pretty exciting too.

Credit: Underhaus / Miel

You can check out their full assortment of athleisure on the Miel website!