Amanda Grace
April 06, 2017 3:00 pm

The future is now for technology and fashion. Google and Levi’s smart jacket is expected to launch by the end of the year and we are already seeing an influx of smart bags on the market. By now, most of us have seen a charging phone case or a sleek external battery, but what about a phone-charging purse or keychain? Since technology is becoming more and more entwined with our everyday lives, of course it would be integrated with the things we regularly wear!

From social media, to snapping pictures, to ordering a car or dinner, our phones have become a command center of sorts. We don’t only rely on our cells, we also incorporate laptops, tablets, watches, and fitness trackers. With the help of app and cloud-syncing, it is easier than ever to stay connected. Scary AND cool, all at the same time.

With hidden lights, chargers, activity tracking and vibrating notifications, these tech fashion gadgets make us feel like we are living in a spy movie…or The Fifth Element!

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Here are 17 tech fashion pieces that are straight from the future!

1JOY Genuine Leather Smart Bag with RFID-Protected Clutch, $79.95


This lifestyle bag comes in a rainbow of colors, including pink! The detachable matching clutch uses RFID-blocking technology that safeguards your credit cards and passport from identity theft. This is the perfect traveling tote!

2Senstone, $85 to 155


Are you all about digital notes? Senstone will take your dictation down and sync and file all your notes for you. Bonus: It’s wearable as a pendant, bracelet, or clip!

3HummingBirdy in Cognac, $149.99

4Leaf Nature Silver Edition, $119


This health tracker is wearable on a leather cord as a necklace or bracelet. It features activity tracking, stress prediction, guided meditations (super cool!), sleep insights and a period tracker for your reproductive health. We love how female-focused it is!

5USB Leather Tassel Keychain + Charging Cord, $26

Urban Outfitters

This leather and suede tassel keychain comes in pink or lavender, and has dual functions as both a charger and a USB cord!

6Everpurse Kate Spade Quentin Julia Striped Wristlet, $139

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This 8 x 10 inch wristlet features wire-free iPhone charging with a “smart pocket” inside!

7Q Designs QBracelet, $149.99

These minimalistic-looking bracelets charge your iPhone with a built-in lightning adapter, and are still lighter than the average watch!

8Hoodie Buddy Super Pullover, $19.99


Ever gone on a run or boarded the subway only to realize you’ve forgotten your ear buds? Well Hoodie Buddie has you covered (literally) with built-in washable headphones that have a washable mic in the drawstrings!

9Carezza Envelope Clutch, $245


Sure, this clutch LOOKS classic, but inside it is all tech. It features a phone charger, in-bag light (to find your favorite lipstick at the bottom), and a Bluetooth speaker with call and message notifications!

10Fitbit Flex 2 Lariat Pendant Necklace, $79.95


Your Fitbit doesn’t have to be a clunky rubber wrist bangle- this sleek necklace allows you to track your sleep, activity, and heart rate all while hanging around your neck!

11Juicy Couture Connect Bluetooth Watch, $295


If you’re going for a super splurge, Juicy Couture has a luxe gold smart watch. It tracks your steps and delivers your calls, messages, and texts via Bluetooth!

12Bandolier Sarah Taupe iPhone Snap Wallet Case, $98


Bandolier has your new favorite cell case and wallet all in one. With over 60 designs, the strapped cases are all you need for an effortless night out! The wallets snap close for your safety and have cute embellishments like micro-studs!

13Gold Scallop Tracker, $128

Kate Spade

This luxe gold and mother-of-pearl bracelet double times as a tracker as it automatically links to the Kate Spade app. It kindly provides bursts of motivation to track your steps, sleep and other habits. You can also set personal goals and countdown timers to important life’ moments — like that spring vacay you have planned!

14Minnie Mouse Sequined Electronic Tablet Case, $29.99

The Disney Store

Okay, okay, so this is supposed to be a tablet case, but we won’t tell if you want to use it as a regular purse too! It makes us long for a Disney vacation!

15JammyPack Travel Tote, $50


JammyPack’s feature Bluetooth speakers, which make them perfect for beach days, picnics in the park, or outdoor movies. Bonus! They come in different designs all under $100!

16Ringly, $195 to 245

These aren’t just gorgeous accessories! Ringly bracelets and rings connect to your phone via Bluetooth and let you receive customized mobile alerts through vibration and a subtle color-coded light.

Are you ready to get connected? Treat yourself to a smart accessory and keep an eye out for more tech fashion to come!