Anna Buckley
December 11, 2017 11:11 am, Anna Buckley/HelloGiggles

Do you know your Myers-Briggs personality type (also known as MBTI)? This test essentially assesses your personality based on four main areas: how you receive energy, how you process information, how you make decisions, and how you approach the world around you.

There are a total of 16 MBTI types (co-creator Isabel Briggs Myers was an INFJ) and when it comes to the holidays, every personality type is bound to deck the halls differently. Still not sure what to add to your decor to spice up the season? We’ve rounded up three decor ideas per personality type, which you can grab online or in store at everyone’s beloved shopping destination: Target.

Whether you’re a practical ISTJ type or a whimsical ENTP type, there’s plenty of inspiration to go around.


ISTJ types tend to be realistic, trustworthy, and practical judgers. Because of this no-nonsense mindset, we think Target’s Hearth & Hand collection with Magnolia is a perfect fit for ISTJs.

1Wood Nutcracker

This nutcracker will fit into your home decor seamlessly, no matter what.

Buy here for $12.99.

2Cream Quilted X Pattern Tree Skirt 

This classic tree skirt will never go out of style — which is totally practical.

Buy here for $34.99.

3Artificial Pine Wreath with Bell

A true holiday classic.

Buy here for $34.99.


ISFJ personality types are described as warm, thorough, and devoted caretakers. (They are sensing and feeling types, after all.) Because of this, we could see ISFJs leaning toward soft, natural, welcoming decor.

1Wool Reindeer Figurine

What’s warmer than a furry little reindeer figurine?

Buy here for $10.

2Clear Net Lights

Pragmatically cover all of your surfaces in bright, warm lights.

Buy here for $8.99.

3 Home for the Holidays Pillow

Make everyone feel right at home (which is your specialty, after all) with this heartfelt pillow.

Buy here for $10.


INFJ personalities are known for being dependable, gentle, and harmonious. Because of this, soft patterns and calming decor could work best for INFJ types.

1 Cardinal Throw Pillow

This natural holiday scene is the perfect accent for an INFJ’s couch.

Buy here for $49.49.

2 Faux Fur Throw Blanket

The perfect cozy throw to drape over the back of your sofa and use when it gets chilly.

Buy here for $31.49.

3 Bear Snowglobe

A subtle way to celebrate the change of season.

Buy here for $14.24.


INTJs tend to be independent, reserved, and logical. For these reasons, practical decor like kitchenware and doormats fit well.

1 Tufted Doormat

Practical and adorable.

Buy here for $10.99.

2 Snowman Drinkware

Holiday decor, but make it useful.

Buy here for $1.89.

3 Bird Figurines

Friends for when INTJs want to spend some alone time inside.

Buy here for $20.


ISTP people are known for being spontaneous, adventurous, and logical. Fun colors and mechanically intricate decor pieces tend to be a good fit for ISTP types!

1Tinsel Glitter Lit Llama with Socks 

This is an adventurous way to take your outside decor to new heights. (Also, those socks.)

Buy here for $49.99.

2 Be Merry Gold Balloon Hanging Sign

An action-oriented ISTP would probably love a project like this blow-up sign.

Buy here for $7.

3Animated Singing Deer Head

This thing moves around and sings. What’s a more spontaneous holiday decor purchase than that?

Buy here for $15.


ISFP personality types tend to be nurturing, helpful, and personal. Creating a welcoming environment is usually a top priority for ISFPs. (Must be because of the sensing and perceiving qualities.)

1 “Gather” Napkin Ring

Perfect for hosting holiday dinner parties.

Buy here for $2.99.

2Ready to Build Christmas Gingerbread Mini Village Kit

A great group activity!

Buy here for $9.99.

3 Happy Holidays Pillow

Welcoming to all. <3 And comfy!

Buy here for $23.39.


The INFPs of the world are the dreamers, the creative people who are also sensitive and loyal. Because they value inner harmony, decorations that are natural but a bit magical might fit best.

1 Aspen Ball Garland

Festive, but not over the top.

Buy here for $10.

2 Die Cut Woodland Scene

Perfect for imagining you’re off in a winter cabin wonderland.

Buy here for $8.

3 18″ Fabric Tree

Realistic, with a fun creative twist.

Buy here for $16.


INTP personalities tend to be intellectual and imaginative. They love to get creative. For this type, bold colors and fun, exciting decorations that add some spice to life would be fitting.

1 Bright Cactus Ornament Set

So unique and fun.

Buy here for $12.

2 Tinsel Lit Narwhal

We bet you’d be the only one on your block with a NARWAL on your lawn. How fun is that?

Buy here for $44.99.

3 Salt and Pepper Shakers

So creative and cute.

Buy here for $7.59.


ESTP folks are often outgoing, curious, and spontaneous. Decor that also doubles as party-hosting supplies would fit this personality type’s nature, as well as fun, unexpected items.

1 Winter Park Tablecover

Perfect for hosting parties where kids are on the guest list.

Buy here for $4.

2 Stag Head Wall Décor

An unexpected (and animal-friendly!) take on the classic deer head decor.

Buy here for $34.99.

3 Holiday Food Storage Tin

For all those cookies you’re bound to bake and pass out to your loved ones.

Buy here for $4.


ESFP people are often playful, friendly, and like to help people. They’re also big on common sense. For these reasons, practical yet fun decorations, as well as service-oriented decor like dinnerware, are great for ESFPs.

1 Dancing Reindeer Mug Set

Festive, but definitely practical too.

Buy here for $39.99.

2 Glass and Metal Taper Candle Holder

This is perfect for the holidays, but can be used all year-round.

Buy here for $22.99.

3 Pink Tree Snow Globe

So pretty and fun, but still classic.

Buy here for $16.


The ENFPs of the world are often enthusiastic, supportive, and enjoy taking on new projects. Because of this, any decor with a DIY spin will give ENFPs a fun hands-on experience.

1 Tree Dish

Add your own touch by filling this great dish with whatever floats your boat.

Buy here for $12.34.

2 Bristle Pine Candle Centerpiece

Get crafty by coordinating candle colors to pair with this centerpiece.

Buy here for $34.99.

3 Footed Glass Vase

A blank slate. Perfect.

Buy here for $13.49.


ENTP personalities tend to be inventive, inquisitive, and always up for a challenge. Because they value inspiration at all times, whimsical and magical decor elements add some fun to the holiday season for ENTPs.

1 Light Up House Stocking Holder

Can’t you just imagine your own little holiday village up on the mantle, lighting up the night?

Buy here for $9.99.

2 Deer in a Chair Pillow

So WTF in the very best way.

Buy here for $19.99.

3 Fox Snow Globe

Snow globes are classic, while this bold colored fox is cheeky.

Buy here for $14.99.


ESTJ types are known for being outgoing, dependable, and capable of totally running the show. Since efficiency is their strong suit, practical decor that fits seamlessly into their everyday style would fit ESTJs well.

1 Cable Knit Throw Pillow

Add some holiday comfort to your couch without making a huge statement.

Buy here for $28.49.

2 Stag Head Cocktail Shaker

Classy bar decor, with a subtly holiday twist.

Buy here for $14.99.

3 Pinecone and Star Lights

Tasteful, understated garland is ideal for ESTJs.

Buy here for $10.


ESFJ people are typically conscientious, organized, and productive. They like to be active and to please others, making them a surefire holiday host this time of year. Dinnerware and party-oriented decor is definitely a must for most ESFJs.

1 Copper Cake Stand

Great for holidays, but also great for any other functions you might be planning next year, too.

Buy here for $29.99.

2 Dog Tablecloth

Useful AND cute.

Buy here for $4.49.

3 Silver Cheers Glasses (Set of 4)

You can get a run out of these glasses for both the holidays AND birthdays. (And honestly whenever else, too.)

Buy here for $19.99.


ENFJ types are often very caring, idealistic, and diplomatic. As communicators who truly value connecting with those around them, their house is likely to be the one that everyone gathers at. For this reason, classic decor and a welcoming environment is fitting.

1 Pinecone & White Berries Wreath

What holiday decor is complete without a wreath?

Buy here for $20.

2 Fairy String Lights

Mood lighting is essential, and these babies can be lit up cool OR warm.

Buy here for $9.99.

3 Glass Tree

A classic mantlepiece piece.

Buy here for $14.99.

ENTJ [/sheader]

Those with ENTJ personalities are known for their efficient, logical and ambitious traits. They’re also outgoing, so decking the halls, no matter what style, is important.

1 Aspen Snowman

What’s a holiday spread without a snowman figurine?

Buy here for $15.

2 Hanging Tree Decor

Perfect for displaying all the cards you get sent in the mail.

Buy here for $10.

3Joy Beaded Lumbar Pillow 

It is what it says: Joyful.

Buy here for $18.99.

Happy holidays, everyone!