Credit: @nataliemariejewellry on Instagram

Since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been spending serious quality time together at Kensington Palace, engagement rumors have been swirling as thick as the London fog. Just in case Prince Harry *might* be in the market for an engagement ring, we’ve got the scoop on Meghan Markle’s favorite jeweler. (And just to be clear, we’re just fangirling here — no one has gotten down on one knee quite yet.)

According to Vogue Australia, Meghan “can’t stop wearing” designs from Natalie Marie Jewellery in Australia. Real talk: we can totally see why.

Natalie Marie’s designs are delicate and feminine, yet perfectly modern at the same time. Originally from the U.K. (the Queen would SO approve!), Marie says, “I think I have approached jewellery from a different angle to the traditional jeweler in that my tendency is to try and deconstruct and pull back the overall picture, so that specific elements can be emphasized.”

The result is a clean, elegant aesthetic that perfectly matches that of Meghan Markle’s lifestyle blog, The Tig. One look at Natalie Marie’s Instagram page will make you fall in love with the brand’s sophisticated charm. And we’re not just talking about shots of the gorgeous jewels.

From artsy photos like this…

And this…

…we can’t look away!

There’s even a stunning a picture of Meghan herself wearing the brand’s designs.

But you KNOW we couldn’t help noticing all the dazzling engagement rings. Natalie Marie makes custom bridal sets, and we definitely think they’d be perfect for a royal engagement.

Our favorite might be this one:

It’s a diamond with a crown, you guys. What could be more princess-perfect?

Your move, Harry.