Updated June 16, 2017

Looking for the summer swimsuit? Look no further than supermodel Ashley Graham’s Instagram. Her posts are all kinds of #goals and almost all of her bikinis and one-pieces are affordable.

Curvy girls know the struggle is real when it comes to swimsuits that fit but aren’t frumpy. (Can we all agree that peplums are a no-go?) But scroll through Ashley’s IG and you’ll see nothing but gorgeous plus-size swimwear that you’ll actually want to wear — sarongs and cover-ups highly discouraged.

This plunging monokini is a mere 64 bucks.

Now all you’ll need is a couch to pose on.

Ashley’s smoking hot leopard bikini can be yours for about $58.80

Flamingo floatie not included.

That iconic Baywatch one-piece? She got it here for $58.80

The Baywatch one-piece swimsuit is a CLASSIC. Not up for debate.

This splatter print one-piece is on sale now for $64.40.

This birds of paradise print two-piece is shoppable right now for $58.80

How is she walking in heels on cobblestones? How, Sway?

Who needs to fuss around with swimsuit shopping when Ashely’s Instagram is a haven of summer inspo? Oh and friendly reminder, all you need for a beach body is a beach…and your body.