Meaghan Kirby
April 21, 2017 12:35 pm

The ice has thawed, flowers are blooming, and Coachella is here. That can only mean one thing: summer is officially on its way. While we still have a little bit of time before we need to break out the SPF 30 and summer clothing, it’s always time to go bathing suit shopping.

The newest bathing suit collection from ThinkGeek may have the cutest bikinis and tankinis we’ve ever seen. In addition to their Star Wars and Star Trek suits, the collection also includes a corgi suit, a circuit board suit, and a deep sea creatures suit. Can we have them all?

Corgi Beach Party Two-Piece Swimsuit


Corgis may be the cutest animals on Earth and now you can wear your love all summer long. This adorable Corgi two piece comes in a wide variety of sizes, from S to 4X. The top and bottom are sold separately to ensure the most comfortable fit. Each piece is $29.99 but sooo worth it and recommended attire for your next Corgi party.

Circuit Board Two-Piece Swimsuit


This beautiful dark circuit board suit is perfect for the tech-savvy person. Whether you know it or not, most people use circuit boards every day, by using a laptop or cell phone. Celebrate the awesomeness of circuit boards with this killer suit and unlike most circuit boards, this one loves the water. As with the Corgi suit, sizes range from S to 4X, with each piece sold separately at $29.99.

Deep Sea Creatures Two-Piece Swimsuit


What’s better than paying homage to the deep sea while swimming in the ocean? Nothing. This gorgeous new suit features some of the most stunning creatures far beneath the waves, including anglerfish, flatfish, brittle star, and the bubblegum coral. You can bring the deep sea to the shore in this suit, with sizes ranging from S to 4X and each piece being sold for $29.99.

It’s so hard to choose our favorite so can we just buy them all? We promise to go to the beach every day!