Gabriela Herstik
Updated Nov 14, 2017 @ 2:35 pm

Ah yes, Thanksgiving. The day when we get to avoid all responsibilities to help prepare a feast that will leave us excruciatingly full, sleepy, and ready to eat leftovers for weeks to come. Whether you’re celebrating Thanksgiving with family or friends, there’s no denying that it’s all about the food. Everyone knows the feeling that comes after eating too much; when your pants fit too tight, and you have to unbutton and unzip just to make it through. Thankfully, stuffing brand Stove Top has created Thanksgiving dinner pants with a stretch waist — and stuffing pattern! — to solve our food baby worries. Since these pants are really high-waisted (like really high-waisted) you won’t have to worry about your pants digging into your stomach as you’re trying to devour that second portion of mashed sweet potatoes.

According to a press release, these pants feature plenty of amazing amenities. Stove Top reveals,

If you’ve been trying to find an outfit that screams “I’m only here for the food,” then this is it! And since these bad boys come in sizes S – XL and cost $19.98, you really can’t complain. However, these are limited edition; so if you want a pair, you’ll have to shop ASAP.

This Thanksgiving, why not eat everything you normally eat…plus more?!

You won’t have to worry about how stretchy your pants are since these stretch, stretch, and stretch some more.

Credit: Courtesy of Stove Top Stuffing

We’ll be buying a pair of these for our whole family. Not even a food baby can stop us now!