Alyssa Morin
Updated Dec 23, 2016 @ 11:54 am
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Credit: Urban Outfitters / Laser Kittens

It’s been 21 years since we lost Selena Quintanilla, but her music, fashion, and memory will live on forever. 2016 sucked in some ways, but the Queen of Tejano had one of the best years. With the singer’s wildly popular MAC Collection, which sold out faster than you could sing Bidi Bidi Bom Bom, to Selena gracing us with her presence in wax form at Madame Tussauds in Hollywood, la Reina de cumbia had a major impact this year. 2017 can’t come fast enough, now that she’s being honored with a shining gold star at the Hollywood Walk of Fame!

If you didn’t get your hands on MAC’s Selena collection the first time around, fret not, because they’re restocking all of the products on December 28th. However, if you need more Selena (we always need more Selena) in your life, we’ve found 18 products that will make you want to do the washing machine!

So, Selena Quintanilla fanatics, it’s time to pull out those sequin busti-cacas from your drawer because we’ve just found the perfect products to match your bustier!

Selena Mug from Laser Kitten, $22

Credit: Laser Kitten

Bust out “Como La Flor” and you’ll be ready to start the day!

Rare Selena Blouse from her boutique on Etsy, $50

Credit: Etsy

Rare Selena top from her actual boutique? Take our money now!

Chola Classic Crop Top from Bella Dona, $34

Credit: Bella Dona

We can see ourselves wearing this all summer long while sipping on some Mexican Coca-Cola!

Anything for Selenas T-Shirt from Texas Humor, $24.50

Credit: Texas Humor

You’ll be stopping traffic in this tee because everyone will want to repeat the iconic quote to you!

Selena Quintanilla Bidi Bidi Bom Bom Pin, $15

Credit: Etsy

WE ARE DEAD! This is too cute!

Selena Phone Case from Redbubble, $25

Credit: Redbubble

Might as well take selfies with this beauty as your inspiration!

To Selena With Love Book on Amazon, $11.59

Credit: Amazon

Traveling for the holidays? This book is just what you need to get you through the delays and long flights!

Selena Vive Doll from Q-Productions, $19.99

Credit: Q-Productions

It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, every Selena fan needs one of her iconic dolls on display!

Selena Signature Tee from Urban Outfitters, $28

Credit: Urban Outfitters

We want all the Selena tees!

Selena Movie on iTunes, $14.99

Credit: Warner Bros.

Busti-cacas and Selena tunes throughout the film? Hell yeah, we’re watching this on repeat! This movie will go down in history!

La Rosa Earrings from Etsy, $3

Credit: Etsy

If you couldn’t get your hands on MAC’s Selena collection, these earrings just might be what the doctor ordered!

Selena Ones Album from Amazon, $6.99

Credit: Amazon

For those days when you need a little pick-me-up, bust out this album and you’ll feel like a boss.

Selena “Anything for Selenas” Shirt from Etsy, $29

Credit: Etsy

This shirt is giving us major ’90s vibes and we love it!

Selena Quintanilla Prayer Candle from Bella Dona, $16

We’re gonna light this little baby when we need some good energy and #blessings from the angel herself!

Selena Quintanilla Bidi Bidi Bom Bom T-Shirt from Etsy, $28

Credit: Etsy

You bet your bottom dollar we’ll be playing Selena’s classic hit while we wear this shirt!

And in case you’re feeling inspired to wear outfits that truly resemble the queen of fashion, here are a few options that will make your heart flutter.

Rhinestone Selena Western Belt from Etsy, $42

Credit: Etsy

Selena always rocked a western belt with a little bit of bedazzle! Now you can, too.

Sequin Bustier Crop Top from Charlotte Russe, $15

Credit: Charlotte Russe

Let your inner Selena shine through this NYE with this sparkly bustier!

Fine With Me Black Sequin Bustier Top from Lulus, $35

Credit: Lulus

Kick on some boots, leggings, and a pair of hoop earrings, and you’ll look like the queen in no time!

What Selena-inspired items are you adding to your cart? We’re having a hard time picking just one!