Credit: Reformation

Reformation is every fashion lovers dream — their beautiful, ethereal clothes are divine and beloved by all of us, including some of our fave celebs! This brand was created by women with a fierce commitment to protecting the environment, so it’s no surprise to hear they’ve mobilized and created a new line of tee shirts that benefit the organizations helping us survive the current political climate.

We’re only a couple weeks into this brand new presidential administration and we can all agree that the collective trauma that’s been inflicted on the public has led to an overall sense of fatigue. It’s easy to want to eschew all things political in an effort to protect our sanity, but we’re happy that there’s a level of awareness permeating every industry, including ones we hold dear to our hearts, like the fashion industry.

Reformation has released five Action Tees with proceeds going to the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, and the Environmental Defense Fund. For each of the $50 shirts, $30 will be donated to its respective charity. Pretty great, if you ask us!

Reformation’s Founder and CEO, Yael Aflalo feels very strongly about the need to give back to these organizations at this time. She tells HelloGiggles:

We can’t think of a better way to spend our money! Here are the tee shirts in the collection:

Winter Tee

Credit: Reformation

Proceeds from the Winter Tee go to the Environmental Defense Fund.

Getting Started Tee

Credit: Reformation

Proceeds benefit Planned Parenthood.

Trees Tee

Credit: Reformation

Proceeds benefit the ACLU.

Meryl Tee

Credit: Reformation

The Meryl Tee benefits the Environmental Defense Fund.

Meow Tee

Credit: Reformation

Proceeds go to Planned Parenthood.

Head over to Reformation and pick up some tees for yourself — you’re helping to save the planet in the process!