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From Louis Vuitton backpacks and polos to trainers and high-priced sweats, Kanye’s style evolution has inspired many extravagant purchases. From Yeezy’s merch to his sneaker collabs, everything he touches is met with extreme hype, and often a price tag to match.

Super fans are more than willing to pay top dollar for a Kanye West branded anything. Baller status or not, there are some things money just can’t buy, like these rare Yeezy Adidas slides.

Jazerai Allen-Lord posted a pair of pastel Adidas Adilette slides she received from Kanye’s stylist and her former business partner, according to Hypebae. The slides were only produced as a sample. Yep, a rarity at its finest.

It turns out these slides were more than just a pair of sandals. After her Yeezy slides went viral, Jazerai took to her blog to write about love lost and the role Kanye West played in her journey of self-discovery. (My God, it’s a good read. Read it, here.)

Frugal fans of Mr. West know how to recreate the aesthetic for less, whether by wearing some of his favorite lower-priced brands, like Champion, Carhartt, and Alternative Apparel, or just grabbing a couple camo tees straight from Gildan.


In this case, might we suggest the OG Adidas Adilette? They’re only $45 and what’s a summer without a fresh pair?

Credit: Adidas

If you’re stuck on pastels, don’t worry, there’s a powder blue version here, or you can create a custom pair of Adilettes over at